LG Beats Apple – Apple IPhone 5 And The LG Optimus G

LG have suffered quiet badly over recent years in the smartphone market. They’ve had few successes and much criticism at the budget, mid-range, and premium levels of the market. This phone managed to turn all of that around. Never before had LG created such a stir in the industry by producing a phone that ticks so many boxes and impresses so much.

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The iPhone 5 always creates media attention. The iPhone brand, which started in 2007, has been more successful than any other smartphone series in history, and has developed an extremely loyal following of personal consumers. So, how do these two phones stack up? The best of LG and the best of Apple; both are available on pay monthly phone deal with the LG costing slightly less per month than the Apple.


The look
There is no doubt that both phones look impressive. They have the air of solidity whilst combining this with chicness and style. The iPhone continues its iconic look from the iPhone 4 and before with little change. The glass and aluminum manufacturing of the iPhone 5 are beautiful. The seams are thin and the finish is immaculate.

On the LG, we find a crystal reflection surface on the back of the device. This gives the phone a real wow factor as well as making it feel really nice in the hand. The iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter, but both have a good feel in the hand, being comfortable and easily maneuvered.

The cameras and the display
The front facing camera on the LG is slightly higher megapixel than the iPhone 5 at 1.3 as compared to 1.2. The difference in pictures is mot really perceivable. They are both decent for the function they offer.

On the other side of the phone though, the situation is a bit different. The iPhone 5 supports an 8 megapixel camera that produces good pictures. The LG wows again with a 13 megapixel camera that takes some of the best pictures ever snapped on a smartphone. The difference really is marked. The LG gives you a digital camera that really screams quality. Both manufacturers have incorporated a flash, and video recording that enables good video. Again, the LG trumps the iPhone on quality.

The displays on both phones are absolutely top notch. There has been much written about the quality of the iPhone display and it really is at the top end of the industry. The LG displays of the past have not always matched up, but this one certainly does. The LG screen is 0.7 inches bigger and is closer to what probably will become the industry standard on consumer smartphones of around 5 inches.

The viewing angles on the screen are better on the iPhone 5 than the LG, but all in all, the screens are very similar and it’s difficult to choose between the two on quality. I prefer the LG, because of the extra size.

In summary
I have to give the win here surprisingly to the LG Optimus G. It has provided amazing functionality, a supreme camera, awesome processing, and a terrific user experience. The iPhone is solid as ever and will impress the consumer market, but from the technical point of view, there really is no comparison.

The LG is an amazing breakthrough for the company and demonstrates how a commitment to innovation can really propel you forward. There is no surprise in the context of this phone that Google chose to partner with LG on the Google Nexus 4. I rate the iPhone 5 at 9 out of 10 and this amazing LG, 9.5 out of 10.

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