Your iPhone dazzles when you accessorize it causing many people to feel left behind in updating their gadgets when it comes to protection, creativity, style and function of their iPhones. As new ‘iDevice’ releases keep popping up, thanks to the innovation of Apple, the iPhone retains its flagship position among smartphones and, therefore, its accessories are keeping it entrenched in the leadership position.

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As reported in various iPhone markets both online and offline, the most popular accessories purchased with all the generations of iPhones include: dock connectors, dock speakers, cases, stands, USB connectors and money clips. These are not the only accessories available, but they represent the class that has the highest number of variations from wooden cases to leather money clips, as well as, gold-coated screen protectors and many more.

Must-Have Distinctive IPhone Accessories
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Beginning with the dock connectors and dock chargers, iPhone comes with a basic iPhone Mac Connector to USB cable. In the previous models, the iPhone 4S and it’s predecessors, used the 30-pin connector, but that changed with the latest iPhone 5. The latest iPhone generation uses a lightning cable which is expected to also be the trend for the new iPhone 5S.

The connector only links the phone to a PC or Mac, but most users would rather have their phone connect to car stereo speakers or a home theatre system. All this is possible with the dock connector. In fact, various affordably priced iPhone dock connectors available on ZAGG and all cables are Apple compatible, but have different features than a stock iPhone or iPad cable.

One of the next most popular accessories are iPhone cases that make your phone look like books, credit cards, wallets, cameras, phones, toys and many other things. Cases offer unique iPhone protection and come in all kinds of creative features as well as functional ones. For example, many people opt to choose cases that allow them to match their iPhones with their outfits or purses.

They will use cases that accessorize their appearance by changing color or the lighting. Most folks use cases as a way of protecting their smartphone from accidental drops or possible scratches so if they can protect while they accessorize, it’s a happy day.

If you feel that your case makes your iPhone too bulky, you can always opt for a screen protector or skin. This thin shield layer will protect the phone from any kind of scratches. The unique iPhone protection also comes in form of the Corning Gorilla glass that has very impressive scratch resistant properties, but you can never be too sure with your phone, and you would be better off with two protective features.

You can also have a card keeper attached to the iPhone allowing users to keep credit cards handy so you do not have to carry your wallet around along with your phone taking up valuable pocket space. Various lightning cables to USB adapters and cables will also let you hook up your phone to other non-compatible devices so that you do not lose your connectivity at home or at work. While the accessories for iPhones are too many to count, their categories are few. Start with an online search for what you want and you will see what is available for you.

Author Ben Tanner, reviewing and sharing his view on awesome Apple iPhone accessories.

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