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T-Mobile UK is one of the leading mobile network operators of the UK. The company was earlier part of Deutsche Telecom; now after the merger of T-Mobile and Orange businesses in the UK, T-Mobile is part of EE which is a 50:50 joint venture between Deutsche Telecom and France Telecom.

The details of different plans and offers that T-Mobile provides its customers are discussed in this article. Like most other mobile service providers, T-Mobile offers mobile phones on “Pay monthly basis” and “Pay as you go” basis. T Mobile phone deals also include ‘’Sim Only” services for customers who already own a mobile phone and are only looking for a new connection.

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Pay Monthly Phone plans

T-Mobile has “Pay Monthly” plans starting from £15.50 moving up to £46 if it is an 18 month contract. While the £15.50 offer basic phones like “Nokia Asha” come free as part of the package, the higher tariff ones like the £46 ones offer smart phones like “Samsung Galaxy SII” free of cost. The 24 month contracts start from as low as £7 per month and goes up to £61 per month. The highest tariff of £64 provides the customers unlimited talk, texts and data while £7 plan offers only 50 minutes of talk time. Some of the higher end smart phones which come with the Pay Monthly plans also come with an Unlimited Text/Landline/Talk Booster one of which the customer gets to choose free.

Pay As you Go

“Pay As you Go” phones start from as low as £10. For a top up of £10, the customer can have unlimited text free texts or 100 free UK minutes Top-up or the International calling facility for 70 minutes. 100 UK texts, 25 free minutes and free Blackberry mail and messaging are freebies one gets on any £10 top-up.


With the “Sim-Only” option the customer has the option of retaining his mobile phone while getting a new connection with T-Mobile. The customer would have to choose any one of the above plans, either a Pay Monthly Plan or a Pay As you Go plan.

Mobile Broadband

In addition to voice services, T-Mobile also provides mobile Internet services at competitive rates. Mobile Internet is offered through Wi-Fi Hotspots, USB Sticks or Sim cards. T-Mobile also sells iPad at £25 a month with a 24 month on its “Pay Monthly phone” plans contract targeting niche customers.

Home Broadband

Optical fibre Broadband with speeds of up to 76 Mb/second and regular broadband at the speeds of 14 Mb/second are also offered by T-Mobile under the brand EE. Fibre broadband is offered starting from £15 per month (excluding the cost for line rental) for 40 Gb data and £20 per month for 38Mb/second unlimited data. Regular Broadband is offered starting from £5 per month.

After the merger with Orange, EE as a brand has become stronger and has emerged as a bigger player in the telecommunications. T-Mobile through network sharing, cutting of costs, sharing of best practices and better network coverage is expected to do well in the telecommunications domain in the near future.

Phil Turner has looked up O2, Vodafone, Orange and T Mobile phone deals as part of his plan to buy an affordable smartphone.

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