Smartphone Lessons – Are They For You?

How many people do you know who refuse to get a smartphone because they are wary of the technology?  How many people do you know who have a smartphone and do nothing with it but make calls and send texts?  We all know someone in one of these situations but has it reached the point where classes in how to use the technology could come in useful?  It would appear that this is the case as a number of colleges have begun to offer courses in getting the most from your smartphone.

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Age Profile of Users

It has been the case that there is a general lack of guidance on how to make the most of a smartphone.  People tend to get the phone and figure out how it works by trial and error, or simply admit defeat and stick to the most basic of tasks on it.  In the case of the older generation, it is perhaps a good thing that there are now courses available as it does tend to be older people that are reluctant to make use of the features of a mobile phone.  Those courses that are running have noted that the majority of those making inquiries are those who fall into the 50+ category.

Research has shown that the majority of smartphone users are those aged between 16 and 24, while the percentage of those aged between 35 and 54 using a smartphone is much lower at 43%. Over the age of 55, this figure drops dramatically to 19% and over 65 it is just 3%.

Apple Courses

This is something that has already begun to be addressed by Apple.  Courses have been held in its stores for some time to show users how to make the most of the handset’s features and while it is envisaged that the smartphone market will continue to grow, it is also expected that the basic mobile phone market will thrive with many people just wanting a phone for calls and texts.

What’s Covered?

So what can you expect to learn on one of these courses?  The course will explain how the various apps work and how you can add further apps to the phone.  You will be able to find out how to customise the various home pages on the smartphone and arrange it so that it is easier for you.  You can learn the benefits of updating social networking sites while on the move and learn how to use the other functions on the phone such as music player and camera.

The course should also be able to help you to understand how the storage capacity on the phone works and help you if the storage is inadequate.  All the ports and buttons will be explained and the various ways in which you can connect to the Internet will also be explained to you.  At the end of the course you will be a fairly confident smartphone user and will learn enough to be able to add other apps in the future and figure out how they work for yourself.

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