5 Time Management Apps For CNAs

Working as a CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant, can be stressful and times, even a bit overwhelming. When you have a job as a CNA, managing your time can feel like a hassle, but it not impossible with the assistance of time management applications. Using time management apps when you are on the job as a CNA can help you to keep a tight schedule, manage tasks and focus on patients and needs at all times. Some of the best time apps are extremely useful for any job, including working as a certified nursing assistant.

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Google Calendar
Google Calendar is an ideal time management application when you are working as a certified nursing assistant. Google Calendar is free and can be accessed from mobile phones that support Google programs and Internet browsers. Using Google Calendar is a way to color-code appointments and events you have saved while having the ability to set alarms and email reminders for various tasks that are required of you throughout the day. You can use the color-coded labels to easily distinguish between patients or the type of tasks you have to complete for the day.

Sleep Cycle
When you are working as a CNA, getting an adequate amount of sleep can be frustrating, especially when you are working double shifts or being required to pull all night shifts. Sleep Cycle is an application that helps to detect your lightest phase of sleeping to wake you up before you are in a deep state of sleeping again. Using Sleep Cycle can be done by placing your iPhone underneath the pillow you are sleeping on to allow the app to detect your motion and sleeping patterns throughout the night.


Wunderlist is an app that allows you to create tasks and to keep digital lists without being required to have an Internet connection. If you are connected online with Wunderlist, however, you also have the option of sharing your virtual lists instantly with others who are also using the application. Sharing your virtual list of responsibilities and tasks can be beneficial when you are managing your household from work or if you want to work with your coworkers to keep track of patient needs and tasks around your workplace that need to be tended to throughout the day.

If you are an owner of the new iPhone, using Siri, the system’s own digital guide, is ideal for keeping track of time and reminding you of appointments. Siri has the capability of managing your calendar and ensuring you are notified of upcoming events, phone calls, meetings or even tasks you have set when you are assisting others or working with patients. Siri is free of charge and comes pre-loaded on the new iPhone systems.

Mail App
If you need to stay up to date with the latest emails from your boss, coworkers or business associates while you are working as a CNA, use the Mail App. The Mail App is capable of connecting to multiple email accounts at once, always keeping you updated and informed of the latest emails you receive so you never miss a notification, event or a meeting notice. The Mail App is ideal whether you are working together with coworkers or if you simply want to stay informed throughout long shifts of meetings, phone calls or conferences you should be aware of personally.

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