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Has your site ever been attacked by hackers? If this never happened it does not mean it will never happen in future. Hackers are weird folks, indeed. Some 15 y.o. genius may bring your site down just for fun, or simply because he does not like the design of your WP template. Today, cyber crimes are not only about breaking down IT systems. Probably, you have heard something about DDoS attacks.

DDoS Protection

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Nobody will lay a finger on your site, but there will be so much traffic that your server will “turn red” and “flare up”. Hackers initiate so many network requests that the server lacks CPU and memory resources to handle them. Sure, if you are one of those IT geniuses, you can easily fend off the blow by yourself. Yet, what are you supposed to do if you are far from all that network stuff and terminology? Right! You should have someone else do it for you. Preferably, someone having enough experience. Preferably, a DDoS protection service having excellent reviews and reputation in the market. Here’s my choice of the best DDoS protection services in the market.


This company is among leaders in DDoS protection services mainly due to its experience and own infrastructure to protect against various cyber attacks. In fact, the company owns the largest DDoS mitigation network in the cloud! A variety of anti-DDoS services can fight against all known types of attacks. There are also traffic scrubbing centers in various parts of the world. Additional services include monitoring and prevention of attacks since it’s better to invest in prevention of problems than in solving them when they’re big. Prolexic is a transparent company as it provides stats on how many attacks have been mitigated over a certain period of time.

This company has been in the DDoS protection industry since 1999. GigeNET is known for its ProxyShield mitigation system. Yes, their services might be somewhat expensive. However, you will suffer more losses if your site remains down for 2-3 days. Loss of revenue is just a taste of what’s to come – spoiled reputation and bad publicity.

ProxyShield is a truly unique system that defends your site with a remote hosting. Your IP address will always stay the same and it will remain safe. ProxyShield automatically detects DDoS attacks, so once the traffic starts growing for no reason at all, it launches anti-DDoS measures. Tech personnel is available round the clock! They can handle even major attacks at 5 million PPS! There is no need to invest in expensive hardware! Guys from GigeNET will take care of everything!

Folks from Vistnet have already saved so many businesses from huge losses. The company owns a special anti-DDoS infrastructure to handle all kinds of attacks, even major ones. Moreover, tech personnel guarantees you that the problem will be identified and localized. Your site will never go offline (some guys simply move sites offline thinking this is the best solution). Vistnet has a flexible pricing model and 24/7 customer support (no “hello-girls” there, just tech experts!).

Aleksey used to work in similar services for quite a long time, now offering consultancy services in the realm of DDoS protection. is his personal choice based on experience and knowledge accumulated during the recent decade.

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