As any smartphone owner knows, apps make the phone come to life, and if you only have a motley selection available, your mobile phone is neither use nor ornament. So if you have decided to invest in a HTC Titan with Windows operating system software, what apps are available and which ones are worth investing in?

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Apps To Go

The HTC Titan comes with a selection of inbuilt apps to keep you productive and entertained (and not necessarily in that order). The live tiles that make this Windows mobile phone stand out from the crowd are in fact apps. For example, if you select the mail live tile, it takes you straight into the app, which is useful if you are in a hurry. Other apps already installed on the phone (and which you will find very useful) include:

  • Office 365 – if you need to be productive rather than wasting lots of time playing games and watching YouTube videos, Microsoft’s Office 365 suite will be important to you. Work on Excel and Word documents via your HTC Titan mobile phone and watch PowerPoint presentations on the go.
  • X-Box Live – the essential app for gamers everywhere, buy a Windows HTC Titan phone and you can access the X-Box Live site and chat to your online friends.
  • Bing maps – sadly you won’t have much choice with map apps since Microsoft have only installed their own product in the operating system, but Bing maps works perfectly well and you should be able to avoid any catastrophic directional disasters if you have your HTC Titan to hand on a long journey.

Free Apps

The majority of apps for the HTC Titan mobile phone have to be purchased, which is not great if you have been used to downloading apps left, right and centre on an android phone. But it isn’t all bad news: there are a few free apps for HTC customers so make the most of these and download them today.

  • Facebook – most of us can’t live without our daily fix of Facebook. Thankfully there is a free Facebook app for the HTC Titan.
  • Skype – keep in touch with your friends on Skype. It won’t cost you a penny if you use a free Wi-Fi connection.
  • YouTube – keep up with all of your favourite subscribed YouTube channels on your phone and take advantage of hours of fun in the palm of your hand.

Top Paid Apps

  • Cocktail Flow – if you want to get the party started, this is the app for you. Check out ingredients for lots of great cocktail recipes, plus instructions on how to make them.
  • Fantasia Painter – fancy turning your boring snaps into model portraits? With this app you can edit your photos using paintbrushes, makeup, and even fur. Aunt Ethel will soon be transformed into a sex bomb!

Flashlight – never be caught out in the dark again with this cool flashlight app. It uses the camera flash LED light to give you a very strong beam of directional light when you need it the most.

Rachel LeMonnier spent ages trying to decide whether (or not) she wanted a new mobile phone. She looked around, took advice from her friends, and eventually decided on the HTC Titan because it had a great camera and a super large screen.

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