One of the greatest things about mobile phone shopping nowadays is the number of great deals that are being offered by mobile service providers. If you’re looking for mobile contracts with free gifts, there are certainly a lot to choose from. Today we’re looking at deals that come with free laptops. The laptop of choice is the Acer Aspire E1  i3-3110M. This runs the latest Windows version (Windows 8), has a huge 15.6 inch screen, a 500 GB hard disk, a dual core processor, plus a built in web camera and a DVD re-writer.

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All in all, the Acer is a pretty great little computer, and you can get it for absolutely free with some of the recent deals we’ve listed below. So if you want a new phone and a new laptop, you can have both without having to spend an absolute fortune…

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On the Three Network…
Three has a great deal on right now which includes the free Acer laptop and a free Sony Xperia U in black. The Xperia U is one of the most recent in Sony’s Xperia line, and is a pretty nifty little phone that looks great too. With your contract you get 500 cross network calling minutes as well as 5000 text messages and unlimited internet browsing. On a new twenty four month contract all this will cost you £38 per month.

On the O2 Network…
O2 have a pretty similar deal, although there are a few differences that might suit you a little better. You still get the free Acer laptop, of course, and you also get the Sony Xperia U in black. However, on the contract you get unlimited cross network calling minutes, unlimited text messaging and 1 GB of mobile internet browsing, plus you get Uk WiFi using O2 and BT’s Openzone and Priority Moments (cheaper calling rates at certain times). And this deal is a little cheaper than Three’s as well, running at just £36 per month on a twenty four month contract.

On the Orange Network…
Still want the Acer laptop but not interested in a Sony Xperia phone? Not a problem. Orange is offering the laptop with a free Nokia Lumia 800, for the Windows phone fans amongst us. The contract is pretty hefty, coming with 900 cross network calling minutes, unlimited text messaging and 1 GB of internet data, plus free BT Openzone WiFi. It is an expensive contract though and will cost you £41 per month on a twenty four month contract.

Also on the Orange Network…
If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, then Orange has another deal that may suit you slightly better. This is the free Acer laptop along with a free Nokia 100. The Nokia 100 is a little more basic than most smart phones, but it’s a great budget phone. The contract includes 400 cross network calling minutes, unlimited text messaging, and 250 MB of mobile internet data browsing. On a twenty four month contract this will cost you only £26 per month.

Phil Turner reviewed the best offers online. He thinks that mobile contracts with free gifts are a great marketing device.

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