Why Adsense Report Not showing Up YouTube Earnings From April 1st

Adsense report not showing up YouTube earnings from April 1st, and there are lots of people who are just asking why this is happening, well let me tell you that, as of April 1st Google Adsense stopped showing YouTube estimated earnings data within the Adesnse report, now if you want to see your YouTube earning report you will have to go to your YouTube Analytic and there you will find all your YouTube earnings.

To view your earning on YouTube you can log in to your YouTube account and then go to Dashboard> Analytic you can view your earnings by selecting a specific time period or date.

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Google has made these changes to give their partners a better and accurate earning reports of their YouTube channel so they can easily find separate earning reports of their hosted Adsense account and Adsense for content account. In your Adsense account you will still see clicks and views but you will not see earnings in your Adsense account you will only see earning of your Adsense for content.


How you can find YouTube estimated earnings in your Adsense account 
If you want to view your YouTube estimated earnings in your Adsense account you can go to your Adsense account then go to payment and then look for earnings here you can find all your estimated YouTube earning for that month you will find it as ( Adsense for Content Host) but here it will only show you total estimated earnings of your YouTube channel for that month.

If your march earning is 95$ as of 1st to 31st your payment will not be sent to you for that month because it must be 100$ before 1st April, but your other earnings will be added to your current earnings and your payment should be made in next month in which your earnings will reach the payment threshold of 100$ so, for being payed for a month your total earning should reach the payment threshold that is 100$.

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