A Guide To Nokia Dual SIM Phones

If you’re looking for a dual SIM mobile phone, you have more choices than ever before. A dual SIM phone is a great idea if you’re one of a growing number of people that carries two phones or two SIM cards. If you need to carry both a business and a personal cell phone, a dual SIM model will let you combine your two phones conveniently into one. And the best news is that Nokia, the reputed phone manufacturer, give you lots of dual SIM models to choose from. Nokia specialises in budget dual SIM models, so none of these are going to break the bank. They may be a little more basic than the average smart phone, but they make up for their lack of features by being cheap and convenient too…

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A Guide To Nokia Dual SIM Phones
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The Nokia C1-00

This was Nokia’s first dual SIM phone, and it weighs a mere 73 grams. It has a standard TFT display, is available in blue, red, grey or green and has incredible battery life, getting thirteen hours of talk time and a massive forty eight days of stand by time per battery charge cycle.

The Nokia C2-00
The follow up to the C1-00 has a micro USB, Bluetooth and GPRS, all of which were missing on the previous version. It comes in five colours and is a little more expensive than the C1-00, but still affordable.


The Nokia X1-01
The Nokia X series is renowned for its fresh design, and the X1-01 is no exception, it’s a great looking phone. It comes with an MP3 player, is available in three colours and has a TFT display.

The Nokia C2-06
This is a high end slide-phone  from Nokia. It has handwriting recognition, Bluetooth, WiFi and a micro USB input, as well as a 2 MP digital camera. It even has a handy little flashlight.

The Nokia C2-03
This is very similar to the C2-06, although it has far more internal memory. It’s capable of handling up to 32 GB or storage, which is incredibly big for a dual SIM mobile phone.

The Nokia 101          
This is a very basic hand set, but it is very cheap. There’s no built in camera, but there is a 16 GB micro SD memory card, and it only weighs 70 grams.

The Nokia X2-02 Music Phone
This device has a massive 32 GB of external storage on micro SD card, plus Bluetooth, GPRS, email and instant messaging. It has a 2 MP in built camera too.

The Nokia Asha 200
This is one of the more high end devices, and features a full QWERTY keyboard. It has a TFT screen, Bluetooth, GPRS and micro USB. It’s 2 MP camera can shoot video. It comes in eight colours and has a 32 GB micro SD card too.

The Nokia Asha 202
Similar too the Asha 200 but without the full physical keyboard. However, the Asha 202 has a TFT resistive touch screen as well as an MP4 player, making it a very high end phone for a dual SIM capable device.

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