Best Games For Android – With No Price Tag!

Adding games to Android mobile phones could not be easier.  You simply pick an app that you want and download it to your handset.  In some cases you are expected to pay for the app but the good news is that there are plenty of games that you add that you do not have to pay anything for.  The Android store is filled with free games and while there are plenty of these that are not really worth playing, there are plenty of others that are.

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Best Games For Android - With No Price Tag!
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Games with a Difference

Plague Inc is a game where you have to create a disease which takes over the world.  While this might sound like something for the darkest of minds it is a very creative game and it is a very comprehensive game, even though there is a premium version that you can pay for.   Alternatively you can try Heroes of Order and Chaos which is a fairly new game.  The game will pit various players against each other and it should be noted that the free version does recycle its main players regularly so you may not get the same characters each time you play – you would have to upgrade to the pay-for version.

Sports Games

Sports games are very popular on Android and you can play virtually any game with a free Android app.  Baseball Superstars 2013 is now available to download and has been given plenty of great features.  You can play as a pitcher or batter and there are various tasks and quests while the character works its way through to professional.  Real Soccer 2013 is also proving to be very popular and here you get a variety of different gameplay options.  You get to create the team from scratch, work on the teams advertising and merchandising and a variety of other things as well as actually playing soccer.


Role-playing games are still very fashionable and Arcane Legends is considered to be one of the best.  You choose a class, set off on quests and find treasure. You can socialise with other players and there are plenty of interesting features to the game. Battleloot Adventure is another role-playing game which has plenty to offer.  The graphics on this game are considered to be excellent and you can work with other players if you want to. Zenonia 5 is an option for those who like the Korean-style game which seems to be all the rage at the moment.  You get involved in real-time combat and there are some great storylines involved.

Brain Games

We don’t all enjoy action games so it is a good thing that the Android app store has word game options.  One of these is Shortyz Crosswords.  The format is very simple but the crosswords are taken from some of the major newspapers around the world.  The game will tell you how long you are taking to solve it and you have a number of different options for the settings.   Scrabble is an absolute must for word game enthusiasts.  The board is as for the standard game but you will need to put up with ads for other games appearing from time to time.

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