BlackBerry’s Newest And Possibly Best Device – The Z10

For many years BlackBerry has run towards the middle of the pack in terms of mobile smart phone producers. When the first BlackBerry was released it was considered to be a revolutionary concept: a phone that can browse the web, play music and serve as an organizer. However technology has come a long way since then and there are a long list of companies specializing in highly advanced mobile phones with numerous functions and capabilities. For BlackBerry the redevelopment into a premier smart phone developer has been a relatively uphill battle when considering the success of the Android OS and Apple’s iPhone. However with the release of their newest device BlackBerry is looking to retake their place in the market as the top smart phone manufacturer around.

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BlackBerry Z10
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The BlackBerry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10 is perhaps one of Blackberry’s greatest achievements to date. It is the first fully touch screen phone that BlackBerry has released to date and truly makes the previous attempts at a touch screen Blackberry seem half hearted and inadequate. To make things even more interesting BlackBerry Z10, the OS that powers the Z10, will be available as a third party operating system which means that much like Android we could begin seeing the BlackBerry OS on devices other than a BlackBerry. The Z10 provides consumers with an option that is well known and reliable, yet technologically on par with the top smart phones on the market today.


Multimedia and Storage

When it comes to a smart phone most people simply want a device that has adequate storage and at least a decent screen and sound to enjoy music and videos. Previous BlackBerry phones have been equipped with camera, MP3 and video players, but they have rarely lived up to other popular devices and the camera has actually been considered subpar in most BlackBerry incarnations. However with the Z10 the trend of subpar quality cameras and shoddy multimedia is over. The Z10 comes equipped with 16 GB of internal storage and can be brought up to 64 GB with the use of an external memory card. The 720p high def screen makes for a pleasurable viewing experience and provides unprecedented clarity in a Blackberry when viewing pictures and other multimedia.

Overall Value

When it comes to a smart phone you get what you pay for; expecting to pay £50 for a phone and then expecting it to perform like a top of the line phone will result in great disappointment. However the Z10 is sure to please most, if not all, of its users. Whilst the individual phone may rival the price tag of the iPhone and other pricey devices, you can also get the device with a contract for a highly discounted price and since Blackberry is not locked into any exclusivity contracts (ala Apple and AT&T/Verizon) deciding which network you want to use should not change your ability to use your phone.

Laura Ginn searches the market on a daily basis for new gadgets and here she talks about the most recent product from a company that has become a household brand, the BlackBerry  Z10.

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