Is A Basic Handset Enough?

There will be many people out there wondering about the influx of smartphones into the mobile phone marketplace and considering whether or not they should join in.  Do you really need to switch your basic handset for something a little more complicated?  Or is it enough to just have a phone that will allow you to make calls and send texts?

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Do You Need 24/7 Internet Access?

It should be noted that even the most basic of handsets now do allow some access to the internet.  The quality of image and speed will be far lower than that of a smartphone but if you are not worried about having access to things such as apps then this will not bother you in the slightest.  It is a good idea to be able to get online if you need to, perhaps to check on emails, but you have to be prepared for a hard-to-use service.  The screens on the basic handsets are so small that viewing web pages is not easy at all and if you are going to go online more than once a day you should certainly consider upgrading to a smartphone.

However, there are plenty of people around who only want their phone for calls and texts. After all, this is what the mobile phone was originally invented for.  Keeping up with the technology is not compulsory – you can make use of whichever aspects of it that you prefer.

Do You Need Apps?

What will a smartphone give you?  Apart from easier access to the internet, there is a wide variety of apps that you can add to the phone. Some users opt for these to make their lives easier and to access information much more quickly.  Apps can organise your contacts list and calendar and are ideal for those who want to use them for work or study.   With so many people adding them to the phone it can be easy to believe that you have to have them, but you can definitely get by without them if you prefer.

Do You Want Face to Face Calling?

A smartphone will also offer you a wider variety of ways in which to communicate with friends and family.  You will be able to make use of IM, Skype, email and several other methods. These are proving so popular that there are less and less text messages being sent each year.  However, it is not yet at the stage when text and calls are being completely replaced, so there is still definitely a place for a basic handset.

The Choice is There

For the elderly a basic handset is definitely enough.  The number of smartphone users over the age of 65 is estimated to be around 3%. Many are not interested in the features that are offered by a smartphone and will be happy with a simple handset that they can use to speak to family and friends, or that they can simply keep on standby for when they are out and about. The extras of a smartphone are not important for some people and it is very easy to do without them.

Phil Turner has a 3 mobile phone at the moment that has zero Internet capability. He is happy to stick with his phone and has no desire for 24/7 Internet access wherever he is.

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