Fast and Cool Widgets for Bloggers

Add some flash
to your blog with these simple and handy ways of widgets.These small tools can add
to your blog or site to improve its functions. With widgets, you can display
the weather report for anywhere in the world,show the number of online visitors
to your blog or site. Take a look at this convenient, cool widgets to assist
and direct your visitors to the contents easily.

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Fast and Cool Widgets for Bloggers
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A vertical floating bar with
accessible share buttons at the left or right side of the blog posts. By this
you can get more likes to your Facebook page ortweets, etc..

Arrange for a source like
sharing an Email subscription to keep your blog readers updated.

The new version of stylish
Facebook pops-out like box to get high traffic from your Facebook pages.

A fresh and simple recent comments
widget on the blog sidebar will update you about current comments on your
articles or blogs.

Social media connect widgetssuch
as Twitter, search box, Facebook and RSS feed buttons can be applied to your

Installing a popular share
plugin allowing the user to use many other social sharing options.

Point up striking performed
image slide shows on the sidebars on your blog isfairly captivating for

The optimized version, related
post widget can be used underneatheachblogger post. By applying this widget,
the reader is capable of engagingwith more contents/articleson your blog.

The bestcorresponding item to
your blog is a Twitter badge to display your recent tweets to let your
followers knowwhat you’re up to all along.

10.  The Wikipedia search box for your blog as recently introduced. Now
your visitors can search any linked contents without difficulty and more
importantly without leaving your website.

11.  Effusively widgetized advanced multi tabbed widget – this permits
you to add a totalproportion of features to the sidebar of your blog. The
really handy widget won’t loose the space that is set aside for advertisement

12.  The hottest multi column addendum widget, suitable for professional
blogs – this is for bloggers who love customizations. You can use them to
display about popular and recent posts, latest comments,etc..

13.  Add a blogger poll widget to your blog posts. This will be a really
interesting widget for your readers whenever they are engaging you with your

14.  You can add a google video search system and a selection of videos,
as well as a google mapsearch widget to your site.

15.  Do something for the betterment of the society. You can generate a
charity badge and ask your visitors for contributions for a worthy liberal
cause. It will increase the significance of your site in addition.

16.  Anyone loves music. If you can show up a useful playlist and share
it with the world, will do a lot to your site’s improvement.

17.  Boast your Linkedln profile. Works well with personal blogs. 

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