The Best Firewalls To Keep Malware Out Of Your Computer

When it comes to internet security, two things that you must have installed on all of your computers are a reputable, high quality anti-virus program and a strong firewall. These pieces of software, when combined, will prevent threats from entering your computer and allowing malware to take hold. Malware, which includes viruses, spyware, and more, can result in loss of personal data, which can then be accessed by hackers who can steal your personal identity.

Best Firewalls To Keep Malware Out Of Your Computer
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Therefore, if you do a lot of shopping on the internet and you store your passwords on your computers, you definitely want to make sure that your banking information, as well as your credit and debit card numbers, will be secure and safely encrypted at all times.

Many anti-virus software packages come already equipped with a powerful firewall that will block intruders who are trying to gain access to your computer. But if you’re using an anti-virus program that doesn’t have a firewall included and ready to install, you need to make it a point to purchase a separate firewall program. Or you may choose to do so anyway, even if your anti-virus software package already has a firewall, in order to get even more security set in place on your computer.
Below is a list of two of the best firewall programs available so that you can choose the one that you feel will keep your data secure and out of hackers’ hands.


Agnitum Outpost Pro Firewall 7.5.1 Performance Edition

You can feel secure browsing the internet and checking emails, as well as shopping for your favourite products, if your computer is equipped with Agnitum Outpost Pro Firewall 7.5.1 Performance Edition. This firewall program will look out for both inbound as well as outbound threats. It even detects possible threats from local wireless networks as well, for added security. And while you’re surfing the internet, you can rest assured that this firewall program will only allow you to gain access to safe and secure websites while blocking all sites that it deems dangerous.

Plus, to take your security a step forward, you can also have this program block ads, which are often culprits in causing malware to infect computers because they contain malicious code. Whether you let the program do everything on its own or you decide to manually configure what’s blocked and what’s allowed, you have a lot of freedom to control your security while you browse the World Wide Web. And with so many more features and the fact that it’s super easy to use, this firewall is definitely a top pick.

ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall 6.1

The ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall 6.1 works with your anti-virus program to give you added internet security without repeating the same tasks and using up valuable resources and time on features that your anti-virus software will cover. This is yet another firewall program that’s easy to use and comes with great support features if you ever need help. And like all other great firewalls, it prevents threats that are both incoming as well as outgoing on your computer.

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