Mobile phones are definitely among one of the greatest inventions ever. These devices, ever decreasing in size have changed our lives a lot. You can easily stay connected with your loved ones around the clock through these amazing gadgets.

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Young and Upwardly Mobile Professionals (Yuppies)
There was a time when mobile phones were a sign of luxury. There were limited models of mobile phones and that were also very expensive. Most people could not afford a mobile phone and those who could flaunted them.

The first mobile phones were pretty big in size and used to come with a long antenna. The evolution began and later handsets were manufactured with no visible antenna making the whole design a little more defined.

Displays Improved
The features of the mobile phones were also upgraded during the last decade of twentieth century. The Nokia 9000 and the Nokia 5110 were among the most popular mobile phones of that time. In 2000, the world experienced a new technology in mobile phones, when the first touchscreen handsets came out. It was a huge craze at the time and everybody wanted to own a touchscreen mobile phone. And in the year 2001, the world saw the first monochromatic display mobile phone. Nokia 8250, having these features, became quite popular worldwide.

Soon after this the first mobile phones with a full colour display and integrated camera were launched in the market. Nokia 7650, a slide phone having 0.3 mega pixel camera and a colour display, was among the huge hits of that time, although camera image quality was pretty poor.

Phones Became Smaller
In 2004, Motorola offered the worlds slimmest mobile phones and the Motorola V3 was born. It was one of the most popular handsets around having a VGA camera, dual screen and numerous other exciting features. Sony introduced the first Walkman phone in 2005 and the world explored a new dimension of entertainment.

The First iPhone
2007 proved to be a milestone in mobile phone technology. It was the year when Apple Inc launched the Apple iPhone, the first advanced touchscreen Smartphone in the world. Blackberry phones had email access but this was the first phone with full Internet access.

Star Trek Communications Devices
Today, mobile phones come with large screens, QWERTY keyboard, internet connectivity, GPS, radio, advanced camera and audio-video features. These tiny devices have evolved massively in just a few years.

There are a variety of smartphones in the market that run on different operating systems like Android, Symbian and others. Nokia Lumia 800 is a recently launched smartphone that works on the Windows 7 Mobile Edition operating system and is among the flag bearers of the new generation of mobile phones.

Would We Go Back?
We could never go back now.
Mobile phone technology is still constantly being developed and improved upon and new, better handsets are being released on a regular basis. It is no longer possible for most people to have the very latest handset because of the frequency with which new phones are released.

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