Teenage years are a time to find who you really are and to express your individuality. This is the reason why teenagers love anything that they can customize to suit their unique personalities and tastes. Whether it’s the clothes they choose to wear, the music they listen to, or the gadgets they carry, teens are always making it a point to really pay attention to what they are saying about themselves through their appearance and possessions.

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Why Are Laptop Skins So Popular?

 Best Laptop Skins For Teens
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Laptops are an important piece of equipment to any secondary school or college student who needs to use these computers for both learning and entertainment. But laptops are all created with the same bland appearance, and, at most, all you can get as far as customization is perhaps a laptop that comes with a colorful exterior as opposed to the typical black or grey. But when you add a laptop skin to any laptop, you can really make it all your own, and this is why they are so popular with teenagers, who can choose the laptop skin that they love and apply it to their laptops to show it off.

Below are just a few options for laptop skins that teenagers typically want.

Composition Notebook

For teens who love to study or even to write, a laptop skin made to look exactly like the typical black and white composition notebooks you find in office supply stores is a great option. This skin will turn any typical laptop into what looks like an open notebook instead.

Animal Prints

Teens love animal prints because they are stylish and can be used on clothing or accessories. But now animal prints can also be put on your laptop through the use of a skin. Choose from zebra, cheetah, leopard, or any other print that you desire.

Artistic Skins

For teens who adore art and art history, you can find skins that are recreations of famous pieces of artwork, such as Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting. But you can also find skins with more modern artwork on them as well, so don’t think you are restricted to classical pieces only.

Floral Designs

Girly girls will love floral prints and patterns on their laptop skins. These come in a variety of colors and show off myriad plant species, from delicate daisies to gorgeous cherry blossom trees.

Basic Patterns

Basic patterns are attractive because they’re simple yet eye-catching. You can choose from a variety of interesting and colorful patterns, including plaid, polka dots, and swirls, to name just a few.


From cat eyes to photos of wild animals or cute pets, animal imagery is very popular among teens. You can even get laptop skins with mythological creatures drawn on, such as dragons, if you wish.

When All Else Fails, Customise

If you can’t seem to find a laptop skin that you love, you can always customise one completely on your own. There are a variety of online retailers who will allow you to upload your favourite image and design your laptop skin exactly the way you always envisioned it.

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  1. Not sure…..why you havent mentioned single resource where one can buy laptop skins in India. Anyway a few places where I have tried along with my opinion. 1|) theskinmantra.com amazing quality and desgins , customization possible. Cons : Took long time to deliver ( abt 5 dys) 2) inkfruit – good delivery time but limited designs and looks dull than what appears on screen . 3) ebay – many sellers , so its risky , since the seller rating is over all and not for laptop skins only.the one that I had chosen dint turn out to be nice. …although it was delivered on time . Hope this helps all readers.


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