How To Get The Most Money When Selling Mobile Phones

When a phone contract ends, you then own the phone outright. You can do as you please with it! Most people will go for an upgrade, which means they have a brand new phone that they can use. Of course, what this means is that they have a high quality phone that they no longer need. The best thing to do is sell it quickly. Lots of people buy second hand phones. The trick is to get the most for phones. You will not be offering a warranty, so many people may be wary about buying them. This is why you need to know how to get the most cash for a phone that you are selling, so you don’t lose out on any money.

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Sell It Quickly

The first thing to understand is that technology moves fast. A phone that is one year old might fetch around 50% of its original value. Wait a couple of months and this value will reduce considerably. It could be worth just 25% of the original value a few months later. Technological developments with mobile phones are fast and furious, so every time a new model comes out, the value of a second hand phone will reduce. For this reason, you need to sell the phone as quickly as you can. Basically, don’t wait around, as soon as a contract ends, just sell it.


Finding The Right Place To Sell It

The next step is to find the places that are fetching the highest amounts of cash for mobile phones. For example, you might check eBay and see that a phone is fetching 55% of its original price. Log onto Amazon and you might find that phones there are actually achieving 65% of their original sale price. Both of these sales avenues are great places to sell phones. It is likely that you will have cash in your bank within a matter of one week. The question is; which place is going to give you the most cash? Do your research before actually listing a phone and you will make more!

List It Properly

Log onto eBay and you will see the same item selling for £10 and then selling for £20. Why? Buyers want to know as much as possible about the item they are buying. They will pay more if they know it is exactly what they want. How old is the phone? Which network does it work on? Is it unlocked to work on all networks? Does it come with the original packaging? Does it have a mains and car charger? The more information that you provide to a seller, the more likely you are to receive a higher sale figure. So gather all the information together to prepare for a listing.
On eBay you can list either a buy it now, or an auction. Auctions tend to generate a lot of interest if you start it at a low price, such as 99p. Of course, you do risk selling the item for an extremely low price, but generally, it will hit the price that it is worth and beyond if it is listed correctly.

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