While 4G and Dual-Core handsets are dominating today’s headlines, the new HTC Wildfire S has its own unique way to stand up to the competition. Packed with some excellent features, this newer version of the Wildfire series has a lot to offer.

The HTC Wildfire S is strongly built and without any doubt, it continues to please with its metal aluminum lining and high-quality plastic casing. The handset is provided with gorilla glass display and an LCD screen which makes it easy to see, even at lower resolutions. Its tactile buttons and lustrous body makes it an impressive successor to the original Wildfire. The set is extremely robust and perfectly suitable for general handling and everyday use.

The HTC Wildfire S – Good Camera and Sound

The manufacturers have shortened the size of the HTC Wildfire S from 106mm to 101mm so the handset is now lighter in weight and now offers new features. It successfully records 640 * 480p video and many even claim that it works well with 720p capabilities. The Wildfire S’s camera has the same resolution as the old handset but colour capture and colour adjustment is certainly improved, while focus mode is available for both pictures and videos which is a rare feature in this price band. The image quality is crisp, the focus is faster and the LED display works well to illuminate the subject.

Video quality is an area of concern as it only provides 480p instead of a promised 720p, but pictures and videos look better on the Wildfire S and you will have no complaints whatsoever. The speaker quality is excellent as compared to other HTC handsets that fail to deliver on this front. Games like Angry Birds and other 3D games are not supported by the handset and run with slight jittering, however while the gaming experience may be not so cool, other features surely make up for these shortcomings.

Cool and User-Friendly New Keyboard on the HTC Wildfire S

The Wildfire S is enabled with HSDPA, 3G, a micro USB slot and a 3.5mm microphone jack. It supports Wi-Fi that works exceptionally well and doesn’t overtax the operating system. Web browsing and internet surfing is faster as the handset comes with flash lite installed and there are 4 navigation keys below the display for search, home, back and menu. It has Bluetooth 3.0 and the handset is GPS enabled. The speaker is clear, doesn’t allow any network interference and picks up the sound with ease. HTC provides a surprisingly bigger SWYPE keyboard that works accurately and dialling buttons are now bigger, making the applications easier to use. If you make any errors while typing then ‘HTC autocorrect’ can jump in to fix your errors.

The HTC Wildfire S is definitely superior to its predecessor and may last longer which is a big plus if you don’t change your mobile phone frequently. It is strong, light-weight, responsive, portable and very clear in its performance. It certainly outperforms the original Wildfire in graphics, battery life, screen size and gaming options. With so many great features, the HTC Wildfire S is certainly the leader among start to mid-level smartphones.

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