How to Upgrade Router Firmware?

Do you have a home router? Do you update it periodically? If it is ‘No’, you may bump into problems and if, you don’t know the precise steps or procedure to do it, then we are at your rescue in this case (wink).

Updating a home router is not rocket science, there are only few steps involved, but users are often found to ignore the updation of their routers. Are you ready to know the procedure? Okay! Let’s walk you through the steps.

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Usually, users own Linksys wired or wireless routers. So, we have decided to use Linksys WRT54GS as a model for explaining the updating process.

How to Upgrade Router Firmware?
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First and foremost, look for the version of your firmware, as you can’t update it to the version of your choice, because it will have compatibility issue later and it will do more harm than good. Once the firmware version is recognised, browse through the manufacturer’s website to find the latest version of the firmware. Download this version and save it in an easily accessible location of the hard disk.

Next step would be login the router and launch a browser window, where you need to type followed by hitting ‘Enter’. It will give you a page that will ask you to change the password, to keep the hacker away from intruding.

Once you’re logged into your router, you will be able to see the version of your Firmware. Navigate to the ‘Administrator’ tab and make the required changes in the password. Search for the ‘Firmware Upgrade’ sub menu, under the ‘Administrator’ tab on the ribbon.

Click on ‘Firmware Upgrade’ option and you need to browse through the hard disk to choose the upgraded version of firmware that you have downloaded and click on ‘Upgrade’ button.

Firmware Upgrade

This is it! Your router firmware has been upgraded. This will render additional secured features to your router.

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