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We use the internet so much these days and we often take this service for granted. If our access to the internet is compromised for any reason, things start to become very difficult very quickly. Years ago we used to rely on our landline telephone service in a similar way, if the line went down, we felt very isolated. We utilise the internet for many different activities, entertainment probably tops the list as well as keeping in touch with our family and buddies.

Long term relationships seem to be another positive result of the information super highway, as well as keeping tabs on investments and looking for new employment possibilities. This article takes a look at the different internet services and what makes them unique from each other.

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Why Are There Different Types?

Since the internet has become a household regular feature, various versions and accessibility options have been developed. This is usually because of the availability of the service in your areas. Some people require a particular speed and others may live in a part of the country that only has a limited signal, much like access to cable and satellite television receptions. There are 4 main types of access/connection options available:

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  • Dial-up Internet – This is one of the original ways in which we received the internet. It utilises a modem and a phone line, it is limited to a 56k connection speed. The computer has a telephone socket port at the rear of the machine, when this is connected to the internet, and you are usually giving up the phone line as a sacrifice. Although this method has been superseded, it is still in use for remote locations.
  • Cable – This allows access via a coaxial cable and a provided modem. You can access the internet with much greater download speeds and capacity. Your provider can also offer you many television channels as part of the package.
  • DSL – This allows you to access the internet via your phone line, you can also use the phone simultaneously, unlike the old dial up option.
  • Satellite – Your internet is accessed via a satellite dish and a decoder box provides you with the signal, plus many television channels are also available. This will suit people who live in an area not supported by the cable network.

Which One Suits You?
You may not have the luxury of choice, because this depends on where you are living. If you are fortunate enough to be offered all 4 types of internet you need to work out what your priorities are. The dial up option is often the cheapest if you only require limited use, if you are a heavy user you would be better suited to an unlimited option offered by the other 3 service providers. If you mean to download a lot of data, you should opt for the fastest option available.

Read The Details!
As with any service you require, you need to double check the small print before you agree to a fixed term contract. You may be subject to extra charges if you exceed a certain download limit. Once you overstep this mark, you may be charged heavily for the liberty. Think hard about what plan you choose and try to get one that allows for flexibility if you decide to upgrade or downgrade in the future.

Author of this post, James Sutherland; is a network engineer. His firm is one the leading internet providers in the country and according to him, has created a revolution of sorts in this field. A music lover, in his spare time, he entertains his kids by playing a guitar.

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