Improve Your Fitness And Strength With Technology

Technology has a many great uses, and if you thought that they mostly involved productivity and business then you would be wrong. Technology has touched every aspect of our lives and there are few areas that aren’t affected by it. This includes fitness and sport which we are excelling at more and more all the time thanks to new technologies – and you don’t need to be a pro-athlete or a tech fanatic to benefit yourself. Read on to find out how you can make the most of technology in order to improve your strength and fitness and start achieving more in sports.

Endomondo App

Endomondo is an app that is incredibly useful for people who run on a regular basis. This is a workout tracker in the same way that many other apps are, meaning that it will record your route as you run and give you statistics such as your average speed and the number of calories burned. Where Endomondo excels though is in its additional features which can be very useful. Not only can you get your friends and family to record you encouraging messages and then have them play back for you at certain points on your run but you can also share your runs with your friends through Facebook and more.


Biofeedback is the name for any form of technology that gives you real-time information regarding the state of your body. For instance then, a heart rate monitor is a very basic example of biofeedback as is a pedometer. Anything like this is highly useful for working out, as it means that you can find out just how hard you’re pushing yourself and thus train yourself in a very precise and exact way. This then makes it easy to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts and gradually lift more/run further/burn more calories.

Radiate Shirt

If you want a more ‘high tech’ example of biofeedback, then check out the Radiate shirt that found its funding through Kickstarter. This is a shirt that uses heat-sensing technology to change colour in response to blood flow. This then means that by looking in the mirror you can instantly spot which of your muscles you are working out the most effectively and thus ensure your training perfectly targets the exact areas you need to give that extra push.


Bodybuilding App is perhaps the most popular website on the net for people trying to build muscle, and one of its best features is the impressive ‘BodySpace’ feature. Essentially BodySpace is a social network like Facebook but for bodybuilders and other athletes, which allows you to post pictures of your progress over time and to record your statistics, your diet and more.

While this is useful as a simple workout tracker (there are many more like that in the app stores), it’s even better because it allows you to share tips and advice with other people in training while at the same time getting feedback and encouragement from a large community.

This post was authored by Joshua Bing; he is a sports and technology blogger and he works for When he is not busy offering clients ice hockey gear at great prices, he likes to unwind over a cup of hot coffee and catch up on the latest technology news.

Rizwan Ahmad
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