New Twitter Features Offer An Improvement For Mobile Users

Making use of the vast information in a small, concise package on Twitter and using mobile phones and devices as well as mobile apps has become the norm in technology and social media. Twitter and mobility seem to go hand-in-hand today and any improvement makes life easier. Twitter users who make use of the social networking site on go just got a new enhancement that may make things easier for them. Twitter has introduced a tool that will make social interaction within the Twitter realm a little bit better.

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New Twitter Features
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The new feature will allow app developers to embed links to their specific apps inside their Tweets. This means that mobile users can tap the link and be taken directly to the app as opposed to being taken to a web page. If the apps are not already installed on the user’s device, the user will be taken to their devices app store so they can download it.


This new feature is called mobile app deep-linking is designed to make life a little easier for mobile users of Twitter and it will also have benefits for app developers. Twitter has promised app developers that the new feature will result in many more app downloads for the developers.

Taking it a step further, this mobile app deep-linking feature improves upon the Twitter Cards, which are what users see when they click to expand certain Tweets containing links.

How does this new feature improve upon the Twitter Cards?
Users who expand a Twitter Card that is for a specific product will receive much more information than previously provided. Now Twitter Cards will feature a description and an image of the specific product and there will be two other fields for developers to use to supply additional information. The two additional fields allows for extra product information and price information for the product.

This particular update also allows Twitter users to do more with photos when they expand Tweets. Now, users will be able to take a look at entire photo galleries instead of just single photos when they expand Tweets.

The new improvements to the Twitter Cards were also updated on the social networking site’s mobile apps. If you haven’t used Twitter recently, check it out and see if your experience is even better. Currently, the statistics tell us that Twitter has 500,250,000 active users and that number can go up regularly. With that many people using the site, you can see why some people buy Twitter followers to help boost their numbers and make their accounts look more popular to gain a competitive edge.

Social networking sites such as Twitter and technology are both constantly changing and improving to keep up with the increasing demand and perhaps even more updates are on the way to make our lives just a little bit easier.

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