Oops Where’s My Mobile Phone?

What’s more of an inconvenience – your car being off the road or your mobile phone being lost, stolen or damaged? It’s a hard one isn’t it? Public transport may not be your favorite way to travel, but if a lift from a friend is out of the question, then buses and trains can get you from A to B. Not having your phone on the other hand (no pun intended), is an altogether different kettle of fish.

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Oops Where's My Mobile Phone?
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So what do you do if your phone’s not insured?
Well it still works…sort of. So you can’t see the screen properly thanks to the massive crack down the middle courtesy of its fight with the floor. But you can still text, well only if you don’t need to use the letters E and T. So what to do? How about using that old, unreliable phone stashed in the cupboard. No it doesn’t work either. You just need to pop to the shops and buy a new one. Ah there is one problem though; you don’t work near any retail outlets. And you certainly won’t have time to travel to the nearest in your lunch hour or after work before they close. So today’s Monday which means you won’t be able to buy a new phone until Saturday. Saturday! Don’t be ridiculous your friends will think you’ve fallen off the face of the earth.


Borrow from a friend?
Problem solved, you can borrow an old phone from a friend. She’s always getting new ones so she’s bound to have a spare. Ah it seems she responded to one of those ‘trade in your old mobile phone’ TV ads. Her old phone was last seen in a plastic envelope heading off with the postman. Plan B.

What’s Plan B?
Ah you don’t have a Plan B. Well not to worry we’re only talking a few days ‘sans’ phone. Of course you can survive a week without your mobile. Just think positively. What would Justin Bieber do? Forget that. You can still use your landline to make calls and use your computer to go online can’t you? Oh you don’t know anyone’s telephone number; they’re stored in your mobile. Well it’s just a week, how many texts will you miss really? Ah that’s quite a lot.

Someone else is using your phone
Well it’s not all bad news; someone else is making the most of your lost or stolen phone. That must be the person who stole or found it. Obviously it is bad news and they will be indiscriminate about who and where they call. Oops you could have a nasty phone bill heading your way soon.

Why insurance is key
If that made for uncomfortable reading, then you should consider getting Mobile Phone Insurancestraight way. If you’re already covered then you’ll know that in the event of losing, damaging or having your phone stolen, insurance will mean a replacement phone is only 48 hours or less away. You’ll also benefit from unauthorised calls coverage too. And the best bit, you won’t have to fork out for a new phone either.

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