Smartbot- New Technology In Robotics

Robots and their ever increasing advancement, capture the attention of people all over the world. They are fun to watch but also to communicate with as their abilities seem almost endless. The Smartbot is one of the latest developments in the robot world created by Overdrive Robotics that makes robots more accessible to not just the tech-minded but the average person with everyday needs.

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Smartbot- New Technology In Robotics
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Smartbot is an extremely clever device that connects to your smartphone to create a ‘robot’ that can play interactive games, navigate using GPS and aid programming. It is also compatible with the main smart phones linking up with Android phones Windows Phone and iOS. The robot is able to see and hear through the sensors available on the smartphone, such as the cameras and microphones, which then enables the robot to interact with you through light, movement and sound.


Smartbot developers have labelled this device as “simple to use” as allyou need to do is download the Smartbot application straight to your Smartphone and connect the two parts together to make a ‘robot’. Although many different functions are included already, Overdrive Robotics have also created apps to be downloaded with it that enable even more fun and learning.

The app named ‘Smartbot Controller’ is just one example and allows you to control the robot with basic functions such as asking it to move and play sounds. Another cool  app that we want to try out is called ‘Smartbot Memory’ serving as a memory test game that can be played by battling against your Smartbot with up to 3 other players at once.

We still have a month to wait before the Smartbot is released to the public in April this year, and we are pretty sure there will be a big waiting list for this exciting gadget. In the meantime it’s worth taking a look at how the Smartbot functions on Overdrive Robotic’s YouTube Channel to get a real feel for how it works. With an affordable price of 133.78 euros which converts to roughly £114, the robot has been made much more accessible than any previous robots so we expect it to be a must have Christmas present by the end of the year. It may also be simpler to use than a more advanced robot especially if you use a Smartphone already.

If the idea of using robots seems a bit daunting however but you still love technology, Visopix has a great range of products available from their website, including Android TV boxes and Smart TV mini keyboards.

There seems to be a lot of benefits and enjoyment from using the Smartbot that give it more than just a novelty item feel with the ability to also use it practically. It will appeal to both young and old users who have a desire to learn, play and most of all experience a kind of robotics they’ve never seen before. We can’t wait to get our hands on one.

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