Top 3 International Calling Card Providers

International calling cards have revolutionized the way we communicate across borders and across oceans. They have not only made it easier to call abroad but made it much cheaper too. There is a lot of demand for the service and many new entrants are coming in to make the market even more competitive, which is very good news for the consumer.

Being spoilt for choice, the only problem for the consumer now is to make a choice between all those call card suppliers and producers in the market. This article provides a comparison of three of the top international calling card producers and their features.

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Top 3 International Calling Card Providers
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Prepaid Online may have higher rates than most other calling cards providers, but at the same time, they offer higher quality calls with no hidden charges. They have many more services within the telecommunications industry and this means they have very good connections with industry leaders. Their main limitation is that they seem to cater only to clients within the US and this leaves out the rest of the world as clients. However, customers can call any country in the world with high-quality voice transmission.


Registered in Suwanee, Georgia, EZCalls is one of the best calling cards producers in the world. They offer very affordable services and have a very simple, user-friendly site that makes it easy for anyone to sign up to their services. They have Toll Free customer care lines that operate from US and Canada with a USA directory service to guide and assist customers.

The EZCall website contains a rate calculator that gives you an exact figure of how much you should expect to spend on each call. The calculator is very simple to use as you just key in the recipient number and your location and it gives you the rate. Most providers give you the rate for one country but once you call you get charged a higher rate. The reason for this is usually because you were given an approximate rate for the country but different service providers charge different rates. The rate between calling a landline and a mobile number are very different for all cards.


Cloncom is one of the most professional services for getting the best card for your locality at the cheapest rate. They have been around much longer than most other calling cards providers and as a result have a wider network and better quality connections. Cloncom offer some of the best international and prepaid wireless call rates.

Their rechargeable cards come in three main plans. There is the cloncom super clean plan, the cloncom power plan, and the cloncom collect plan. None of these plans have a connection fee through the power plan has a US $ 0.69 weekly maintenance fee. The three plans are on three distinct minute-rounding options. The super clean plan is on one second rounding, while the power plan is on two-minute rounding, and the connect plan is on one-minute rounding.

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