Freeloader Pico Solar Rechargeable IPhone Charger – The Natural Solution To Your Energy Needs

One of the worst things about being tethered to electronic devices is that you are also, by necessity, tethered to electrical sources. This can become a problem if you are out for any length of time in the wilderness or in an area that does not provide the ability to charge your devices. One of the solutions can be to have extra batteries ready for your device, but if you have an iPhone, this can be very problematic since batteries are very difficult to change. Another solution is to use a generator to charge your devices, but if you are out in the wilderness, the last thing you probably want to do is lug a generator around in your backpack.

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Enter the Freeloader Pico Solar charger. The Pico charger is a smaller version of the much larger and much heavier Classic solar charger by Freeloader. The Pico takes approximately ten hours to refill itself completely in full sunlight and is an environmentally friendly choice to help you keep connected to the wider world. Hooked up to your iPhone, it takes approximately 30 minutes to fully discharge into your phone’s battery. Some reviewers complained that it did not fully charge their phones. However, it is not meant to be a full-powered charger.


The Freeloader Pico is meant to help top off your battery’s power level and is meant to help keep you from losing power completely. If you remember this, you will love the Pico Solar Charger. If you want a full charge of your phone, expect to pay more, carry a heavier device and wait longer for the sun to charge the device.

In addition to being charged by the sun, the Pico can also be charged by connecting it to your computer. A computer will charge the Pico completely in just a few hours. One other use for your Pico is as a supplemental battery pack. The compact size of the Pico is especially attractive to users who will be away from electrical sources for a while.

This device also comes with a variety of connectors so that you can attach it to many different devices other than your iPhone. It is also a cheap iPhone accessory, priced at approximately $30 in retail outlets. For the price, it is a great way to carry a little extra power that Mother Nature can reconstitute (on sunny days). One smart addition to this device would be adding some sort of Velcro or way to stick the Pico onto your windshield so that it can charge while you drive or stick to the outside of your backpack as you hike. Keeping the Pico exposed to the sun is important.

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