4 Apps You Didn’t Think Your iPhone Could Do

There are thousands of apps out there! It’s just about ridiculous how advanced technology has come. We live in a world that our iPhone isn’t just a device used to communicate, but a tool that can be used to accomplished a huge diversity of tasks. We all know the obvious things our iPhones can do, like messages, phone, twitter, Facebook, surfing the internet, even the things like Spotify, YouTube, or Netflix. But there are some apps out there that just might surprise you on what exactly they can do.

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1. ScanIt

I personally use this app all the time. Faxing documents is such a thing of the past, not to mention the huge hassle it is to use – well hassle no more! What ScanIt does is it takes a picture of a document and creates it into a PDF file. And no it doesn’t just look like a picture that was taken with an iPhone, it uses bleached filters to make the document look like it was just scanned by a normal scanner. This is such a time saving app that is a huge help to those of us who do not own a fax machine or scanner… Like me.

2. Heart Fitness

When I just saw this app I thought it had to be fake, or at least pretty inaccurate. But after using personally, it seemed rather convincing. Now I’m not sure why you would need a heart monitor on your iPhone, but nonetheless we can have one! Heart Fitness claims to be the most effective heart monitoring app out there. The way it works is it uses the LED light on your phone along with the camera to measure your pulse. When the light reflects through your finger the cameras focus goes in and out with your pulse, which is what is then used to measure and read your heart rate. Pretty crazy right?

3. alarm.com

This is one of the most advanced home security apps out there. I found it from a company called, Smith Security, that developed the app. What the app does is it links up to you home security systems and allows you complete control over just about every part of your home. You could control the lights, thermostat, unlock or lock the doors, even monitor certain cabinets. You could even link up certain wall plugs to turn on or off from the app. Say you left for work but realized you left the coffee pot on- no worries! Just go to the app and turn that specific wall plug off.

4. Aim@

This genius little app can measure distance by just pointing your iPhone at whatever it is you’re wanting to measure. You tell the app how tall you are and then follow the directions to take a series of pictures to determine the height or the distance of the object. Now if you are not a patient person you will probably never get the app to work. You have to be still and get the pictures just right or the measurements will come out wrong. Obviously.


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