4 Top Weather Safety Apps

We are right in the midst of severe weather season here in Texas. Over the past few weeks, I can’t tell you how many times our Dish has been out of service because of the severe thunderstorms that have struck near our home. It was in the middle of a storm that I decided I needed to really research the best apps to use during a storm when our TV went out. So here are my top 5…

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4 Top Weather Safety Apps
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1. IMap Weather Radio – NWS
This app came highly recommended to me by many of my friends. At first, I balked at the price of $9.99, but after talking to everyone I definitely decided it was a must-have. With our chance of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, my family’s safety is most important. I can’t tell you how many times I have been driving home from work and had no idea there was a severe storm close to us until I got home. This weather radio tells you by voice and also by push notifications anytime there is a life-threatening weather event going on. You can also get local weather forecasts while you are driving in your car or at home. This has a four-star rating for good reason.
2. AccuWeather – Weather For Life
I love my iPhone, but the regular weather app just doesn’t cut it. When I look at the weather, I want to know what the wind, rain chances, etc. are going to be all day for the next couple of days at least. This app gives you very detailed weather information that is very easy to read and navigate through. Did I mention this app is free?!
3. Dallas Map Offline
This might seem a little strange in a weather safety app area, but when severe weather hits, the internet usage on smartphones goes insane. My internet connection sometimes doesn’t even work, and if traffic is backed up and I am needing to get home as quickly as possible because of severe weather approaching, I had better be able to find a different route. This app downloads a map of the entire Dallas area so you can access a map anytime without using an internet connection. At $2.99, this is well worth the price.
4. Alarm.com
I don’t know what I did before I had this app. This app directly links my Galena Park home security system to my smartphone. It sends me to push notifications when the life-threatening weather is approaching my actual home. This is critical because sometimes my boys are home without me, and I want to always make sure I know if they need to take precautions in case of severe weather. I also love my alarm system itself, because even when our phones go out, we still receive audible notifications in our home telling us if severe weather is approaching and when it is predicted to arrive at our house. 
All of these features are critical to keeping my family and children as safe as possible since we live in a very severe weather-prone area of the country. Also, home security systems San Antonio is the company our cousins use in the San Antonio area and also love their weather alerts on their security system. On top of all this, this app is free!
Do not wait – check out these four apps today and keep your family and home safe! Thank you so much for reading, and please comment below with your personal favorite weather app!
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