Four App Dermatologists Are Using And Recommending To Their Patients

The job of a dermatologist is to aid in diagnosing and treating underlying skin ailments and issues, but it can often be a thankless task. Nobody enjoys going to the dermatologist, which can cost quite a sum and often results in a bad or at best, the fair prognosis for treatment. One of the best ways in which to avoid permanent skin problems, however, is by seeing a dermatologist when troubled areas appear on the skin.

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Four App Dermatologists Are Using And Recommending
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Fortunately, apps are allowing for a preliminary assessment of skin problems and many dermatologists – despite it not being a full-proof method of detection – are now recommending various apps for in-home use as a preliminary way to assess skin problems. Below, we will be discussing four of these apps so you can be in the know when it comes to identifying skin ailments.


Ultraviolet – UV Index

One of the biggest causes of skin cancers and other skin-related ailments is daily exposure to the sun. Not only can this cause drastic ageing, but avoiding proper protection when out in the daytime can lead to fatal consequences in the future. The Ultraviolet – UV Index app fetches relevant forecasts for your local area and informs you of the current UV Index. While everyone should be wearing sunscreen year-round, protecting yourself during the worst UV days will help avoid major skin-related issues. The app is free and can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store.

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While by no means is this a replacement for scientific or medical evaluation of skin-related problems, the SpotMole app is helping people become more informed on the types of moles that exist and what to be on the lookout for in regards to benign and malignant growths. The app allows you to take a picture of any troublesome mole and it will attempt to identify the most similar type of mole within its database. Many users have reported that the diagnosis received from the SpotMole app helped alert them to problematic melanomas and convinced them to see a dermatologist – a smart move. You can find the SpotMole app on the Android Marketplace as a free download.

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Used by hundreds of dermatologists from around the world, the VisualDx app addresses both skin-related ailments and a variety of other medical conditions. Users will be able to analyse each specific skin condition and compare photos with that of a patient to determine the proper diagnosis. Each entry in the VisualDX library contains several high-resolution photos for inspection, allowing dermatologists to have a pocket-sized comparison tool when making an assessment about your skin’s health. Available on iOS, anyone can download the VisualDx app for free.

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Doctor Mole

Designed to be a tool used to assess the preliminary condition of moles that might be cancerous, the Doctor Mole app (available on iTunes for $3.99) uses elements such as asymmetry, border irregularity, and color irregularity to determine the likelihood that a given mole is malignant. Not only can you analyze an individual result, but you can save the data and compare the same mole later to see if any changes have occurred.

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