Three Ways To Get More Readers For Your Legal Practice Blog

The legal field, not unlike other businesses, is highly competitive. You are constantly competing with large firms, small firms, one-man or one-woman shops, as well as trying to capture the attention of new clients every day. With so many obstacles to overcome, you need to use all the available marketing and promotion tools you can get your hands on. In order to bring in new business and keep the attention of reoccurring business, you should turn to one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal: the blog.

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Three Ways To Get More Readers For Your Legal Practice Blog
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Law firms can harness the power of the Internet by maintaining a blog that is popular, interesting, and relevant. Not only is this a great way to get the firm recognized and known for having specific areas of expertise, but it’s also a prime method for keeping the firm in the eye of the general public. In other words, a blog can set you apart from the competition while simultaneously building up your brand. Consider a few of the following tactics to gain more readers for your legal practice blog, so that the blog itself drives business right to the front door of your firm.


Keep Things Fresh And New
The best blogs are those that have regular updates posted. This keeps readers coming back time and time again as the content and information is always changing, always presenting them with something new and exciting. Fresh content is a primary way to bring readers back to your blog, whereas stale information will have the reverse effect, leaving readers bored and looking for content elsewhere.

Vary up your postings either by topic or author. Branch out and invite guest authors to write posts, answer some questions from the comments, and use the blog as an opportunity to inform and inspire your readers.

Always Inject A Call To Action
While blog posting is more casual than compared to static website content, still can employ a dash of traditional marketing methods to make the posts relevant to business. Since the point of the blog is to set your legal practice apart from others and garner as much attention as possible, you want to make sure you add the finishing touch that drives your point home. You want to turn those blog readers into clients.

This means that each blog post needs to have a call to action or a direct statement that tells your readers exactly what to do. Whether it’s to contact your firm, sign up for your email newsletters, or to follow you on Twitter, telling your readers exactly what you’d like of them makes it easy for them to follow through. Also, make your calls to action as easy to complete as possible. If your call requires readers to sign up for something, have a field ready to take their email address. If your call asks readers to like you on Facebook, have a link inserted right into the call itself. Make the call to action easy and your readers will be more responsive from the get-go.

Make Key Words And Phrases Count By Using SEO Practices
Many blogs are typically found by users perform a search through Google or any other search engine. Having a higher ranking can ensure these new readers find your site and blog quickly before they click on the competition. This is where the search engine uses queries to return relevant results. This is done through an algorithm as the search engines scan through websites and blogs for keywords and phrases.

Legal practice blogs need to use very specific legal words, phrases, and content so that search engines rank and list the blog high on results pages, which in turn drive more traffic to your blog. This is how those high ranking and high readership blogs and sites get the majority of their readers. By incorporating this proven technique your blog can get more readers simply by using the right words to become more visible in search engine results.

In order to attract more readers to your legal blog, as well as potentially attract new clients for your business, using these proven methods can help you capture their attention with the right content. A better blog can have those readers coming back time and again, and eventually turning into clients over time. Furthermore, the proper use of a blog is a great way to differentiate your legal practice from the rest, as you truly can make your blog the showcase of your skills and expertise, as well as a forum for communicating topics that matter to your target audience. Keep up on your law firm’s blog, increase your readership, and you can be improving your business with every new blog you end up posting.

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Written by Pete Wise for the Douglas and London Law Firm; who represent clients across the entire US. They have decades of history as a New York law firm and I help by posting to my facebook page and writing for the firm.
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