Must-Know Tricks To Make Them Comment On Your Blog

Every person who is serious about blogging perfectly knows that a comment from your reader is muchmore than just a couple of words. The number of comments, which can be found under this or that post, is considered to be a sign of your blog’s maturity and popularity. Moreover, comments on your blog are a great indicator of your relationships with the audience.
Just think for a moment: each and every comment that appears on the pages of your blog represents the reaction of one reader concerning what you wrote. And this reader, regardless of whether he agrees with you or not, finds your publication so valuable that he has not only finished reading it to the end but also expressed his own opinion on the subject, spending all his precious time and energy.
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Therefore, every self-respecting blogger wants to increase a number of comments for every post to maximum, and get as many backlinks as possible. Newbies find this task too difficult, but it is not as hard as it seems because there are a number of proven and effective tricks you can use to make readers comment on your blog.
They consist of the following:
1. Invite your readers to leave comments on your post
Don’t be afraid of asking your readers about leaving some comments on your post. You can do that in the end of your text for example. They may read your article to the very end, they may even think of expressing their thoughts and opinions on it, but very often they don’t do that anyway. Reasons can be different: some of your readers just don’t consider their opinion be valuable for you and other visitors; other ones decide to comment on your post later (we all know that later often means never), etc.
If you write that you are open to comments, the chances to get them from readers increase at once.
2. Motivate a reader to say something
There is one trick that perfectly works in journalism, and it may help your blog too. Don’t tell everything to your reader, leave some details and nuances hidden. It will make visitors think that you’ve missed something, and they will want to tell you about this in comments. If you use this trick wisely, it can develop big discussions on your blog, and people’s comments will bring much more information to your initial post and your blog in general.
3. Ask questions
Try it – this method really works well!
Having set out what you want to say in your post, ask a reader what else would be interesting for him to see on this issue?
What opinions did he hear as to this question?
What does he think of it
What does he find questionable?
What does he like or doesn’t like in this matter?
To make a long story short, ask your readers all questions you can ask, Motivate him to discuss your post, and a number of comments on your blog will definitely increase.
4. Reply all comments
Don’t forget that you can take part in your post’s discussion too. Answer the questions, ask another one, share your point of view with your readers. When they see that you are interested in their comments and you find them valuable, they will comment on your blog more often, qualitative and intense.
5. Establish your own rules
Formulate your own rules, your readers’ comments must comply with, and publish them on a separate page of your blog. Provide all pages with a link to these rules. It may seem that the establishment and publication of these rules will reduce the number of comments, but it is not true. These rules will tell your reader what he should do after reading your article, and he will post a comment for sure.
Certainly, do not forget to write that you greet literate, intelligent and constructive comments on your blog, which will enrich its content. It will be very useful for your readers to know that.
6. Be an open-minded person
Managing your own blog, do not try to look like a superman who knows and can do everything concerning the blog’s niche. Do not deny the fact that you are alive and real person with his weaknesses, doubts, fears, etc.
Feel free to use such expressions in your speech as “I am not 100% sure, but I suggest that …” and something like that. Do not forget that a blog is a personal resource first of all, and your readers should see your personality if you want to see your blog successful.
7. Write on scandalous topics from time to time
This trick may seem unpleasant to some bloggers, but we don’t see anything bad here. The point of this trick is to publish some controversial topic related to your blog’s niche from time to time. All you need is just to make a note concerning your own opinion on this or that scandalous matter. Such notes always have a maximum resonance, so, they attract readers’ attention, and readers become interested in your other notes afterwards.
8. Admit your mistakes
If you had made a mistake in your work, post or article,  and one of the readers noticed it and wrote about it in his comment, just make an effort and admit it. We understand that it can be very difficult to do, but still… You can explain what caused this error, why you have made it, etc., but the main thing is to admit it.
Demonstrating your admitting, you show your readers that you are a fair, correct and honest person. Thank the reader for being so attentive, and promise to change and improve everything, if necessary. In short, demonstrate a balanced rationality, fairness, and respect.
9. Make it easy for your readers to comment on your blog
We mean a technical side of your blog here. The more steps a reader should take to comment on your post – the less desire he will have for doing that. As a result, the more clicks your visitor should make to leave a comment – the fewer chances are that he will leave this comment at all. Certainly, you should worry about bots and spammers as well to protect your blog from them, but try to make it as easy as possible for your readers to comment on your posts.
10. Reward your commentators
You need to reward those readers who regularly publish valuable comments at your blog. Tell about them in your responses to the comments, thank them, give useful free things, etc. It is obvious, that if readers feel you welcome good comments and appreciate their value, the number of visitors who will want to comment on your posts will definitely increase.

What do you think of all these tricks? Does any of them work for your own blog? Or maybe you have your own secrets of readers’ attraction? Don’t hesitate to share them with us!
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