When it is time to pick up that hammer and clean up your paint brushes, you just know that there is some hard work around the corner. But instead of steaming in head first, why not take a slightly different approach this time? For sure, you will have some rough ideas about how to go about that kitchen or bathroom makeover project, but we now have a few extra helpers that can smooth the way nicely. This article looks at some special Android apps that have been expertly designed with your next home improvement project in mind. Please read these reviews and see if you can find some use for these clever applications.

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Shake Up Your Home Improvement Ideas With Some Help From Android!

How To Videos by Howcast.com – Free
We get the ball rolling with this very user-friendly application from those lovely folk at Howcast.com. The videos are so comprehensive that they cover almost any activity that you wish to learn about. DIY is featured heavily and you will be really impressed by the quality and detail of these video clips. As well as home improvement help, you will also have access to topics as diverse as ‘how to jump-start your car’ and ‘how to pick a lock’. You will never be bored with this application, just make sure you remember to start that home improvement job you were supposed to do in the first place!

How To Videos by Howcast.com
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DIY Reader by dreamtree – Free
If you are a fan of home improvement and love reading people’s blogs, this is probably going to be your favorite app! There are literally hundreds of features here that are sensibly listed for all of your DIY needs. Many of them have detailed photos that will allow you an insight into the minds of these contributors. You can share your favorite articles via social media platforms and can upload your own project to the mix. You will need Android OS 2.0 or higher to host this application, but that is well worth the jump if you are running an earlier OS. There are 6 different themes available and most of them are extremely user-friendly. The only problem with this app is the difficulty you may have put it down!

DIY Reader by dreamtree
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Home Improvement Tools by Suresh Desu – $2
This app is a must-have tool for all keen DIY fans out there in home improvement land! This will help you to calculate accurate measurements for almost every type of DIY job in existence. It has 27 different types of calculator that each have a bespoke purpose and allows easy input for those oh so important results. Here is a small selection of the types of measurements you can use this tool for:

Home Improvement Tools by Suresh Desu
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  • Dry wall calculations
  • Paint calculations
  • Insulation calculations
  • Heater calculations
  • Concrete mud calculations
  • Roofing calculations

Each of these types of home improvement calculations has a special algorithm specially set up to allow for the easy input of the key measurements. You will never waste any money on incorrect details ever again. We love this app and so will your wallet!

Any More For You?
We hope that you’ll agree about how cool and useful these three gadgets are if you want to see more, just check out the internet for more awesome Android home improvement apps!

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