Picking the Right Third Party Apple Repair Shop

Accidents can happen without warning no matter how careful you are with your gadgets. The problem is aggravated when it involves Apple products, since it’s not a secret that they don’t come cheap. In some cases, the warranty or AppleCare period has already expired, and you’ll be shouldering the cost of repair yourself. To ensure that your money does not go to waste, make sure you choose the right Apple repair service center. Below are some of the things to consider in your search.

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Picking the Right Third Party Apple Repair Shop
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Apple authorized service provider
The most important thing to consider in looking for a repair center is to determine if they are a part of the “Apple authorized service provider” program. Only shops which are part of the program or are authorized by Apple are able to provide the following benefits to consumers:


• Receive and use original parts directly from Apple when it is required for repairs.
• To be part of the program, service centers must employ Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians in order to help their cusMtomers with their Apple products. The staff must also renew their certificates every year via a recertification examination. The requirement ensures the technicians are updated with new processes and are knowledgeable with current Apple products.
• Certified shops must be able to uphold Apple’s standards to every one of their customers. They are usually audited and go through Apple’s thorough review process to make sure they are following the standards.

Rates and price
The next thing to consider is a centre’s pricing for repairs and replacement. What you are looking for is a shop which is transparent in their pricing by having it listed in their website. Your goal is to look for the average cost between other different service centers in your area. If a shop is offering cheaper repairs and replacements as compared to the average cost, this is a red flag. They might be providing counterfeit parts purchased from third party manufacturers and have unqualified technicians who service your Apple products.

Amount of service time
Before you hand over your Apple products to a shop’s technician, ask how much time they will be able to finish fixing it. Trusted centers are able to provide a reasonable timeframe for their work. Repairs are commonly done in an hour. Do not agree if they need you to leave your Apple products with them for a day without specifying why. Technicians usually require more time to order special parts in order to complete the repair.

Shop warranty
Reputable shops are able to provide warranty for their repair and replacement services. They provide this to show confidence in their workmanship to their customers. Repaired Apple products are usually given a 90 day warranty by service centers.

Just like the prices, reputable shops are quite upfront with their warranty on service. Should anything happen to your Apple products while it is being repaired by the technicians, they must be able to replace it with a brand new one.

By following the tips above, you’ll be able to find the right iPod, iPhone and iPad repair shop.

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Katherine Flowers is a technology blogger and a dedicated content writer working for Next Byte, an authorised Apple Service provider offering repair services for all Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Macbook. 

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