Losing things isn’t fun at all. Even if it’s minor things that can easily be replaced, It’s just a hassle to have to deal with the whole thing. If it’s something super common like keys, you tend to realize you have lost keys right before leaving somewhere… Let’s just face it, most of the time you are late anyway. So the whole ordeal isn’t really the exactly fun. Thankfully technology saves the day! As it always does, which is wonderful because we are a little stupid when it comes to surviving without technology.
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Your 80s & 90s kids remember doing math without a calculator? Well try bringing up the calculator subject to teachers and see what they say. It gets pretty offensive. It honestly doesn’t have much to do with the teachers; it’s more about the world itself. We are all stupid because of technology.

Or at least we think we are, but in reality, we actually aren’t. It isn’t technologies fault. There are plenty of highly trained IT guys that stay current with technology and are obviously not dumb at all. It’s because they just know how to use technology to their advantage. We should also learn from them. Let’s look at 2 ways we can use technology to make us a little more organized and really just… SMART.

Allow me to be a little hipster here: Tile isn’t out yet and I was actually one of the few ones to see it in the kick-starter phases. Which is actually kind of rare not because of kick-starter or anything. Kick-starter is pretty famous, but it’s more to do with how long it was in the process. It was on the website for barely a couple weeks. They raised so much money in such a small portion of time; it was amazing! So allow me to explain this whole TILE thing.

Tile is basically a physical white square that is not big at all, that fits on your phone, keys, kids (seriously) and anything and everything you could possibly ever lose! I love what Tile has done with the concept of finding things. If you find it, simply get on the app and you are all set! It will show you where it is!

This is probably one of the easiest and cheapest lifesavers ever. There plenty of home security systems out there but the one I found that specialized in my home town, Manor home security was outstanding. Completely blew anything else out of the water. This app simply reminded me whenever I forgot to arm my house for an alarm. Boom, being smart was never so easy!

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