7 Perfect Mobile Apps for Special Students

Students with special needs have the opportunity to make their life better by using advanced mobile apps to help in different functions. The mobile application platform allows students to write notes easily, organize their class work and help in beating the deadline. For the disabled students, it becomes easier when they dial the DLA Phone number to get information on the available allowances and technology guides. Here is a list of the 7 perfect mobile apps for special students.

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7 Perfect Mobile Apps for Special Students
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I Communicate
The I Communicate app allows students with special needs to come up with visual schedules, communicating boards, storyboards, flashcards, routines, speech cards and others. Users can customize the app to suit their needs. It allows recording of audio for boards and pictures, share pictures and make use of text to speech by choosing different options.


Penultimate is a mobile app that allows students who have difficulties in taking notes. The students use a stylus to accomplish this. After this, students can organize their notes to access them later. This is the best app for those suffering from attention deficit problems and other problems that make students have problems to organize their jobs.

SoundAMP R
This mobile application is the ideal tool compatible on iPhone and IPod. It works well to those students who have hearing problems in the class. The application picks on the sound, then send them to the students’ ear bud within a short time. It allows students to record and hear what they want. Apart from school works, the app can be used at homes, parties and any place the student wants to hear. It comes with a sound tuned equalizer and an adjustment background.

Notes plus
This is another note taking mobile app compatible with audio recordings by blending typed and the handwritten notes. Students with learning problems benefit more by using Notes Plus. The app allows the student improve on their education. For example, the student can recognize blow out window and shapes, thus enabling one to write large texts. It also arranges notes in order.

This app allows a student with special needs to download online books, and then read them later. It comes with advanced iBook store that helps in the download of updated and latest books. Students can flip pages by a simple tap, add notes or bookmark the pages.

iStudiez Pro
This app allows mobile organization of assignments, class schedules and deadlines. With this, students with special needs stay focused and on top of their learning. Keeping up with class challenges can be the greatest problem but this app helps in solving the problem. It helps students who have autism and attention difficulties.

For students who have problems speaking, the Proloquo2go mobile application helps in solving these problems. It has become a voice for over 50,000 people who have speaking problems. This app allows students to communicate using symbols or by texting by use of natural sound voices that suits their character and age. The good news is that the app can be used immediately after download. The top features to get here include text-to- speech audio, different country English language, symbols and other images.

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