The software development world is changing continuously. So, it is essential to keep pace with the latest trends, technologies and methodologies. Now, people don’t have sufficient time to learn about a new stuff and at the same time lead a normal life. Hence, selection of technologies has to be done smartly so that you don’t miss out an important trend.Here is a small list of some of the current trends ruling the software development world. Check out the list without wasting any more time…

Advanced Scripting Language
You should learn to use the modernized scripting languages, be it Ruby, Groovy, TheNextBigShot or Python. You only need to have an easy and quick tool at hand to have a simple script and do not have to take resort to Java IDE. These languages are beneficial since they encourage good methods and practices thereby changing the attitude towards program design and programming. These script languages embraces the “wow” factor and soon people will get used to the convenience and ease of these languages.

Modern Control System Version
Welcome the modern version of control system! You should start using the control system, be it Mercurial or Git. They are also suitable for carrying out personal project. These tools sync better with the natural cycle of growth and development than the old ones. Since they are distributed, it does not entail that they cannot be used as the central company repo solution.

Familiarizing with NoSQL Solutions
The NoSQL solutions like CouchDB and MongoDB really act as life-savers when the traditional relational D Bs attains the peak of performance and scaling. Both these CouchDB and MongoDB are “document-oriented database” meaning that they take in account the structure of every row, even though they are not of the same field. In this case, ‘row’ becomes the ‘document’.

Functional Language
Get used to one or more functional language. It is more of philosophy once again. The more you use and see, the more comprehensive gamut you will have. It is not only about imperative or object-oriented design. For the novice, Erlang can be a good choice since it can be easily learnt and it also allows you to dip your toe in water. However, if you are to deal with more serious matters, OCaml or Haskell is must.

In fact, knowing a functional language has now become a necessity, it is no more a choice. Certain problems can be easily solved by a functional approach. Have you heard about GHC or The Glasgow Haskell Compiler? This state-of-art compiler is considered to be amongst the best compilers at the present moment.

Agile Concepts and Methods
Agile management is not entitled for managers only. It is necessary that the entire team has adequate understanding regarding their management and development process. Agile helps in standardizing management and the regular programmer work. It also encourages good communication amongst the team members.

These are some of the modern software development trends you can have. These can make your work easier and faster. This trend can also change after some days and more modernized development programs can come up. So, you are advised to grab the latest trend and move with the flow.

Summary: With ever changing software development arena, you also have to keep on changing to be on equal stand. Latest technologies induce latest development. Adopt these technologies right away!

Editor-in-chief at Cyberockk, Rizwan is an avid mobile geek and a gaming lover. He loves to keep a tab on new tech and loves to share the latest tech news and reviews on Smartphones, Gadgets, Apps, and more.



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