How Social Signals Play A Major Part In SEO

Do you own a website? Well today, several strategies have been adapted to help in increasing a site’s visibility. Most of them have proven to boost your SEO but that does not mean that other ways cannot be used. Social signals are a major thing today and it’s not going to lose its superiority in the near future as it is now being used by most website owners to boost their SEO techniques. The main question is How Do Social Signals Play A Major Part In SEO?

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How Social Signals Play A Major Part In SEO
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An Introduction to Social Signals
This is any tool that is used to mention a site or business using other social sites functionalities. It can be a Facebook fan page, link of your social page or just a tweet. It can also be a page requesting users to like it and within it, it gives a brief description of you or your business. In most cases, these signals are straight forward as you can easily identify which social websites it originates from.


On the other hand, it cannot be a direct link as it can also come in the form of an inbound link which talks about a particular service/product basing on a particular group such as an online community and their reviews.

How Social Signal Operates/Works
When a tweet /retweet is made, a page is shared or one likes a page, a signal is sent to the search engines. The engines therefore use this signal as a recommendation and assign it a value .This is directly translated to a particular value which improves the ranking basing on the algorithm used. This can boost a site’s SEO ranking thus increasing chances of driving traffic to a site. The referrals and recommendations that are used give a site an advantage in major search engines. It does not only increase a sites visibility but also the awareness of the brand.

Famous Sites That Can Be Used
There are several social sites but not all of them are appropriate or rather relevant to be used as a social signal. The sites that have received a handful of lauds because of their relevance include; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedln and Google+. You can choose between some of them but it is advisable to use them all.

Tips on Using Social Signals
The first and foremost thing to do is to start creating pages or accounts of your site on all the major social sites. You can choose to have a blog for your business. You should link your site directly to the social sites too. The social site should give quick but exquisite information about your site/business so that visitors will get a quick glance on them and visit your website for further information.

You should also keep the social sites updated frequently. Users don’t want the same, boring or stagnant updates. You can choose to use professional bloggers and social media fanatics who are creative and they can build not just your traffic but SEO too. No one doubts that social media is taking us like a storm. It is about time you should embrace the use of social signals to boost your site ranking and visibility.

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