How to enjoy Windows 8 Metro on Android

Android environment appears to be more open and free than apple iOS and Windows 8. On the other hand, do you think Windows 8 Metro style vivid and attractive since Android and iOS share so much in common? Have you thought of using a Windows 8 interface on an Android device? Yes, that’s interesting. By installing Windows 8 Launcher app on your Android phone/tablet, you will be able to turn your Android into Windows 8 and enjoy Win 8 Metro on Android.

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1. Download and install Windows 8 Launcher app.
There are a couple of Windows 8 launcher apps free offered in Google Play appstore. You may find them compatible with your Android phone. Choose Windows8 / Windows 8 Launcher (4.3-star), tap and install.

Windows 8 Launcher app
Image Source: Play Store

In some cases, you may find those apps incompatible with your Android. Actually, they are incompatible with my nexus 7 when testing. You can then google for “Windows 8 launcher apk download” on your Android and download it from “apkgalaxy” (recommended). If you download the APK file to your computer, transfer the apk file to your Android with the USB cable, then use ES File Manager app to locate and install.

2. Customize the preferences of Windows 8 Launcher
Tap to start Windows 8 Launcher on your Android. The first time you launch the app, you will be asked to customize the preferences. 

Set “Layout” as “Portrait” if you are using an Android phone; set as “Landscape” if you are using an Android tablet. Here I choose “Landscape”. 
Image quality:

If you are using a tablet (7-inch or larger), I recommend you to switch image quality to “High”. Or the tile icon may be fuzzy.
Font Size:

Choose font size as “Medium” or “Large” if you are using a large display (compared to mobile).

Improve Performance

Check this option if you plan to use Windows 8 launcher for a long period. This option aims to auto kill background applications and helps to improve the whole device performance.
3. Enjoy Windows 8 Metro style on Android
Well, you may be slightly disappointed when you first see the “brand-new” Windows 8 layout, which seems ordinary and nothing exciting, even a bit crude. Don’t worry. There is something more we can do.
Apply color theme
Tap “Options” icon in the lower right corner, choose “COLOR”, then “Apply color theme”. 
Windows 8 Metro style on Android

You will find the background color is fixed. Only the app background can be customized. By long-tapping individual apps and choose “Change Color”, we are able to set the app background one by one.
Icon Size

You may be unsatisfied with the icon size. Tap “Options”, choose “ICON SIZE” to customize.
Change apps

Many apps will show as question mark by default. Tap an app first and tap another concrete app immediately to replace. To change apps, you can also long tap and choose “Change app”.
4. Go back to Android interface.
I wonder how Android mobile users feel about the Windows 8 interface. I personally didn’t much care for it when testing on my tablet. Perhaps that’s a result of my 7-inch display (and that’s why it’s incompatible with my tablet by default). Anyway, tap the “Home” icon at the bottom and choose the first “Launcher”, we will be able to go back to the previous Android interface and end the journey to Windows 8.

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