Many people own a smart phone that is in most cases either an iPhone or an Android but don’t actually know how to make the most out of it. A lot of them just get stuck with the popular features and do not often go and discover out more things that they can do with their high technology gadgets.

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 iPhone or Android Experience
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Form of Communication
First and most important is the smart phone’s basic and fundamental function and that is to provide communication for people on the go. People can receive calls and messages from other `people wherever and whenever they are, as long as they have access to the signal of course. However recent innovations have created a whole new look for the traditional functions of smart phones.

People can now use stickers in their messages to magnify or express their expressions accurately because sometimes people misread messages in different emotional ways. Popular social networking applications like Line have introduced cute and interesting stickers for their users to use for improved and better communication.

Another is that people can now customize their ringtones for their contacts by using free ringtone applications provided by the likes of that provides users the opportunity to create their own ringtones or download pre made ringtones directly to their iPhone or Android phones for free. Gone are the days where people would often make a mistake when they think that it’s their phone that is ringing in the subways, parks, or at the street.

People can now have their favorite songs or sounds for their incoming calls and messages and that they can be proud that they made it themselves and that it represents who they are and their preferences.

Internet Access
Smart phones now have amazing access to the Internet. This allows people to do more things such as social networking, getting information, and getting them full access to millions of applications that were developed especially for mobile phones.

Social Networking
Popular websites like Facebook and Twitter have also entered the mobile phones and is becoming bigger and bigger each year as more and more people are becoming involved and interested in social media.

People can now listen to music, watch movies, and even watch television shows in their smart phones. The smartphones have definitely evolved from a mere communication tool to an ultimate entertainment provider.

People have now turned to their smart phones to ask for directions. What’s amazing is that the smart phone provides applications that will tell the user his or her exact current location and let them choose their desired destination and provide them with various options of how to get there.

With the popularity of websites and applications like Instagram, people have become addicted to transforming their smart phones as their tool for picture taking, With new models having better and better camera technology, smart phones as cameras have been the recent trend for the past few years.

The smart phone also sort of eliminated and automated the use of planners. People can use their smart phones as their event reminder; provide their to-do list, their personal alarm clock, and complete secretary for their schedule.

Educational Tool
In contrast to some people who say and believe that smart phones are just a mere distraction for students in their academic endeavors, they actually have educational tools and materials that are extremely useful and helpful to students. Smart phones can be used as dictionaries, encyclopedia, and a recorder for students. There are several useful applications that are available such as educational games in forms of reviewers and quiz type. Learning has never been this exciting, fun, and interactional for students.

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