Learn How To Promote Your Post Once You Click The Publish Button

So, you have just finished your new blog post, and are so excited to share your expertise and ideas with your visitors. The next step is to promote the content. Promoting your blog post is however not an easy task. After spending hours crafting good quality content, your main goal is to share it with as many people as possible. You hope to re-share the content through social media networks and that you pick up significant traffic in the process.

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Learn How To Promote Your Post Once You Click The Publish Button
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Most of us tend to think that after hitting the “publish” button on a new post, we will get to see tremendous traffic from these new posts. In reality, it is only you and your RSS subscribers who know the post. Therefore, you need to establish syndication connections and plan for targeted promotion to make sure that every piece of content is easily noticed by crucial influencers and your customers of interest.


Here are 10 things that you must do to ensure that your new blog post reaches several online visitors and get crazy traffic to your blog or website.

1. Blog Syndication
RSS connections can help to get your content automatically to your profile on different social media sites. If you don’t like auto-posting on Facebook or Twitter, there are a few recommendations you can try. Plug you blog feed into your LinkedIn profile and forward it to your coworkers and anyone in your company should be syndicating the content on your blog on their profiles through BlogLink or WordPress applications.

2. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to Email
Depending on your email marketing or RSS management platform, you have the ability to utilize this new RSS-to-Email set up campaigns for your website content. In case you are using Mailchimp, then you have an easy step for the set up. Simply, create a new blog subscriber list so as not to spam your current list, configure a mobile friendly email template and create a campaign to automatically send when you launch the new blog.

3. Google Currents
This is Google’s answer to iPad app and Flipboard. It is about media consumption on any mobile device, and this Currents makes it pretty simple to create your own real time digital magazine through syndication of any content feeds that you connect. You can get the Currents on the Google Currents page, register with the required details and customize the look with brand elements. Currents is the future of content promotion, just like Google+, so you might want to get into this train.

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4. Make use of your Email signature
This is a very powerful technique to adopt while promoting your new blog post. Add your latest blog post’s headline to your email signature while sending emails to your friends or coworkers. Most email platforms have some nifty applications, for instance, Gmail has Wisestamp that easily pull the headline of your post into your signature automatically. You can write the signature manually; you never know if a prospect or client might read the post that creates an avenue for great success.

5. Make your content SEO friendly
Your content may be of the highest quality, but with a little keyword research and integration, you can greatly impact how it will rank on top search engines and traffic. Go through the content and get the main idea covered in the topic. Get those terms and plug them into Google Adwords to get keyword suggestions. Ensure that you get the right search terms and their variations right. Add a Meta description and tags to the content with the terms you’ve found.

6. Share content on Twitter
This is probably the first of the many times that you should share your content on Twitter. Remember to use hashtags that relate to the topics covered in the post. This is a great way to extend the reach of the content beyond your followers.

7. Share the content with target prospects
You have a very informative blog post content that you are very sure it will benefit certain customers and are desperate to share it. Well, consider sharing it with your target customers. There are several to approach this, but email should be your best friend here. Email them with a shortened URL and a brief note. Check the analytics for any visits.

Consider status updates on social sites

8. Google +
Google continues to build on its new social network, and it is hard to deny the value of SEO when you share your blog content through this platform. Google+ is unique- there are no are character limitations, so you’re free to add more content within your status updates than other platforms such as Twitter. Create thoughtful, keyword optimized teasers with backlinks to your blog or website.

9. Comment on other blog posts
You can easily generate traffic to your blog or website by providing useful and valuable comments on different forums or comments on other blogs with the same topics. Once you are through with your post, take time to do a quick search to find other posts with the same topic. Point out something that the post might be missing and add your point of view, genuinely and in a non-self-promotional way. Paste your URL once you see a comment asking for it.

10. Seek help from other bloggers
Build a relationship with other bloggers in your space and ask them to mention your post, or talk a little bit about it. This is a great way to expand your reach and get more traffic. If you reciprocate this, you will do more good to your blog, with high quality backlinks and huge jumps in search engines rankings, subscribers and traffic to your blog.

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The first time is always a great challenge and can be time consuming. Understanding different interfaces, setting up new accounts and functions of various social sites and platforms can be a daunting experience. However, it gets easier and better with time. Find time to blog post promotion. Make the promotion part of your daily activities. Do not just create some solid content without a strategy to ensure that it reaches the targeted audience.

If you have any thing to ask or share feel free to leave your comments below.

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