5 Awesome Apps to Help Kill Time at the Airport

Just heard an announcement that your flight got delayed? Waiting at airports can be a pain, especially if the waiting period is long and you don’t have much to do. However, thanks to technology, you now have a companion with you who will not let you experience even a single moment of boredom– your smartphone!Listed below are five awesome apps that will help you kill time at the airport.

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5 Awesome Apps to Help Kill Time at the Airport
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Getting bored at the airport? Having a long stopover at an unfamiliar airport? With those lingering and annoying flight delays, frustration and boredom can soon get the better of you, and that is exactly why you’re better off having GateGuru in your smart phone than not. GateGuru is a brilliant app that works as the ultimate solution for all your airport boredom woes. The app is packed with a comprehensive database of airport amenities that you can check out, such as stores, cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, and much more. What’s more, GateGuru also gives its users access to vital flight-related details such as gate number alerts, flight status, check-in times, arrival-departure times, and so on.


Had a tough time getting to the airport? Did you just pay a through your nose to get to the airport by hiring a cab? Regret not driving down to the airport by your own car and parking it in a nearby parking lot until you get back? Nevermind, now that you don’t have much to do while waiting at the airport, how about doing some homework for the next time you travel to the airport? Use the AirportParking app to find discounted parking for more than 100 airports. Compare parking lots on the basis of price, locations, services, user reviews, and so on, and even book or reserve a parking lot that you find reasonable. The app even provides other features such as parking lot images, driving directions, shuttle frequency, as well as maps and locations.

If you’re sitting at the airport, twiddling your thumbs and wondering what to do to kill time, think no more and fish for your smart phone and open the Kindle app. Reading is definitely one of the best ways to kill boredom and divert your mind, at least for a short while. Thanks to the wonders of technology, you no longer need to carry bulky novels or magazines around, just tap away on the Kindle app on your smart phone. This amazing app gives you access to all your favorite novels, magazines, newspapers, and much more, at the tap of a finger! Featuring free as well as paid books, you can shop for books while you’re in Wi-Fi at home or work, and later enjoy the books even when you’re offline! Packed with thousands of interesting books to choose from, this app can help you say goodbye to airport boredom.

Waiting at the airport since your flight got delayed? Not even a single interesting eye-candy around to ogle at? Not a problem, fix your eyes on your smart phone and let Twitter do the rest for you! Twitter is a great place to hang out if you’re getting bored and don’t seem to have anything worthwhile to do. Create your Twitter account and see what your favorite celebrities have been up to, by following them. Follow your favorite authors and see what they have to say about their latest releases. Stay tuned with the news platforms you like and keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the country and worldwide. If you’re still getting bored, tweet to your friends about how bored you are and how much you hate your airlines for delaying the flight – maybe that will make you feel a tad lighter!

Don’t fancy reading while you’re waiting? No problem, maybe listening to some good music would do you good! Listening to music is yet another great way to kill time while you’re waiting at the airport. Pandora is an incredible music application that lets you listen to songs from your favorite artists. Users can choose from a number of amazing radio stations, ranging from genres such as alternative, jazz, country, rock, jazz, and so on. The best feature about this app is that users get the chance to enter their favorite artists and Pandora will play songs by those artists, along with other similar artists recommended by Pandora. So the next time you hear about a delayed flight, plug in your headphones, open Pandora on your smart phone, and jam with your favorite artists.

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