You may be in a dilemma over buying gifts in oh so crowded malls or confused on which Christmas party to attend since all of your friends will be throwing one this holiday season. Perhaps you need help promoting your own event but don’t know where to start. Many people believe Facebook advertising is all about creating a flashy page and sending out thousands of invites to random people so that they can like the page and the rest will simply fall in place.

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Facebook Events
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The reality is that without proper social media management the chances of an event being successful are almost nonexistent and not even Santa Clause can turn things around. The good news is that you can create and successfully promote your event on Facebook by just following these simple steps below.

Step 1. Create a free app for your event
Have you already created your Facebook page? Take your Facebook advertising a notch higher by developing and distributing a free mobile and tablet app that members can use to upload their photos and videos without having to first log in to their Facebook accounts. Apps also provide an extra avenue for communication that you can use to update members whenever new information arises. Remember to make the apps’ interface yuletide themed and fun enough for users.

Step 2. Promote members to administrators
Running a Facebook event without additional hands is very limiting since it is quite hard to convince someone outside your friends’ list to attend your event. Having additional administrators to the event means they can reach out to plenty of people on their friends’ lists and this will in turn draw huge numbers to your event.

Step 3. Create a Facebook Ad for the event
The advantage of a Facebook advertising is that you can narrow it down to your target group through selecting geographical location and other important features. For instance if you reside in Los Angeles, you can make your ad visible to the Los Angeles’ Facebook community hence capturing the attention of the entire region.

Step 4. Promote event through radio
The youth love music and radio stations are where they tune to in order to hear the latest tunes. You can select some of the most popular stations and pay for an advert so that you can effectively publicize your event to those who haven’t yet come across it on Facebook.

Step 5. Have a celebrity involved in your event
The fact that a celebrity will feature in your Christmas event greatly boosts your public image as well as drawing a sea of attention to your event. You can choose from your favorite radio presenter, actor, rapper or author to get involved then offer a few lucky members a chance to meet and hang out with the prominent personality.

Step 6. Follow up on the Maybes
Your main aim here is to get as many people as possible to attend your event. Having that in mind you could reach out to the undecided lot and convince them a second time to attend your event through sending messages containing incentives that will make them agree to attending the event.

Now you know
Knowledge is power and now that you are equipped with the right ammo, there is no reason as to why your Christmas Facebook event should turn into a major disappointment. Have fun planning your event and remember to keep your page active so that you retain the same numbers you will need for next year’s season.

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