Best Strategies To Drive More Users To Your Mobile Apps

It is every developers dream to see their brain child grow into a world class app that is downloaded and used by millions and millions of Smartphone owners all over the world. The fact that you have developed an outstanding mobile app is seldom enough to gain it the neither recognition nor usage it deserves. You have to go a step further and market it properly. Here is the Best Strategies to Drive More Users to Your Mobile Apps in App Market.

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Best Strategies To Drive More Users To Your Mobile Apps
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1. Create an informative ‘How To’ video:
This is one of the best strategies when it comes to creating awareness. Some people like figuring things out on their own, but with today’s microwave society, more and more people want to know what it is your app is all about in less than three minutes. No one wants to waste hours trying to figure out your app. Create a short and concise ‘How To’ video and upload it to YouTube. This will greatly help with potential user engagement and go a long way when it comes to branding and online traffic.


2. Build a website for your app:
This is still in keeping with creating awareness. Only through a website and blog can you fully explain your app to people. Create a website that features top notch content about your app. Have well written descriptions, post screenshots, and include any additional information that you deem necessary on this website. When people go online to look for apps, they look beyond the app store. Having a well-run website with relevant and fresh material about how to use the app and so on is one of the best ways to make sure that your app stands out from the crowd.

3. Make use of social media:
Hardly anything that is not featured on social media today has any life online. Your app should have its own Twitter handle, Facebook page, Pinterest board and so on. Make sure that all these pages are customized to promote your app and your brand. This is where you interact with your fans and users. Answer their questions, feature different offers, post news about your app and company, and include screenshots that say more about the app. Research shows that images have a 37% higher engagement rate that text.

4. Describe it as best as you can:
Your app’s description is crucial to getting users. You should describe your app as clearly and as concisely as possible. The first few lines of your description should tell the user what the app can do and should act as bait to get them to read further about it. If by any chance you have created an app that was highly successful before, be sure to mention that loudly and clearly (From the creators of…). This association alone is guaranteed to get you a multitude of users.

5. Know your audience and go to them:
Certain factions of the society have preferred hang outs online. Certain forums or different platforms that they frequent for their information gathering or simple interaction. You need to know all this about your intended audience. What they read, where they get what they read, how they get their information, where and how they interact with one another, who are the thought leaders or influential bodies within the niche and so forth. Once you have figured all this out, you need to creatively advertise your app on these platforms. Use endorsements from the thought leaders if you can. This goes hand in hand with generating buzz within the right type of media outlets.

6. Generate the right buzz through the right type of media outlets:
Your demographic has certain media preferences. They read a certain blog or get their news from a certain online outlet and so on. You need to generate enough buzz about your app through these outlets. These outlets are what you can consider industry leaders and influential bodies. Your audience trusts them and will listen to what they say. An endorsement from these outlets is bound to give your app the right kind of online traction that you need.

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7. Use the best and uncommon keywords:
This is how someone will find you through a generic search. Research thoroughly on the best possible keywords for your niche. Be sure to use keywords that are not as common. Run a quick search through the app store and find out which keywords are the most popular, and then steer away from them. By using unique and uncommon keywords, you will be reducing the keyword competition for your app. Avoid using your company name as part of the keywords; people are already searching for this when looking for you. In case your app is available in multiple languages, include keywords for those languages as well.

8. Use descriptively captivating screenshots:
This is the picture version of your story. Tell people how your app works or show them how exciting it can be through descriptive and high quality screenshots. What you want to do here is to capture the most exciting bits in your app, showcase those as screenshots and write an exciting and comprehensive description to go with the screenshot. Use these as part of your marketing scheme by sending it out to journalists, bloggers and posting it on all the platforms that feature your app.
These are some of the best and simplest strategies that you can use to drive more users to your mobile app within the app market. Of course for any of this to work, you have to develop a worthwhile app that has great graphics and is user friendly.

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