Using White Space in your Facebook Timeline Cover

White space is in many ways an underrated element in a lot of designs these days, and the same holds true on a Facebook timeline cover photo. Increasingly, designers and others are trying to do more with less space, especially when they are locked in to set dimensions. As a result, designs are more and more packed with different colors and images, and there is less and less room to let the designs breathe or relax the mind and allow creativity to flow.

People have less time to consume more information, so something has to give. Too often it is the white space, which serves a big purpose in a variety of designs. It is what enables your eyes to rest and in some cases then direct them on to the next place that they should be looking. Happy Marketer has some examples of effectively used white space, as well as some suggestions on the type of impact that more white space can have.

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Using White Space in your Facebook Timeline Cover
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Relax the Eyes and Mind
When you are constantly processing information with your eyes and brain, you have less and less time to relax and allow your mind to be at ease. White space gives you the opportunity to do this, because there is nothing to be consumed about it. It should just give you the chance to have blank thoughts, take a deep breath and get back at it.

When you get your potential customer more relaxed, it can have a positive impact on your chances of getting them to make a purchase or to strengthen their brand loyalty. As a result, there is no reason not to try to take advantage of your available white space to see what kind of an impact it seems to have on your viewers.

Provide a Clean and Professional Look
In a lot of ways, having the confidence to use a little bit of white space is going to make your design overall look more professional and impressive. People will assume that you know what you are doing, and then when you look at some of the examples you’ll see just how fresh and crisp a design can look when it is not locked in by a canvas with no white space.

People also associate designs that have plenty of white space with professional appearance. It shows that they are willing to sit back and allow some of the space that they have to go to white space, which makes the reader and viewer that much more comfortable.

Direct Your Eyes
When everything is filled up with content, your eyes may not know where to go to begin. The overwhelming number of options may make it less likely that your eyes start in the right place, which is why changing it up is important. Add some white space and your eyes will be drawn toward the color that remains. As a result, you can use white space as a method of drawing the eye in and sending it to the appropriate place.

Be More Readable
In addition, having adequate amounts of white space makes the content that you do have more legible. People have the easiest time reading text that is surrounded by more white space rather than less. Their comprehension and reading speed often pick up, proving that they are reading more efficiently with the increased white space. You may see that impact start to kick in, and you may see more people clicking on the links at the end of text.

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