This generation’s students is really lucky to have everything on the tip of their fingers. The information they need is almost spoon-fed with the advent of internet. We all know that internet is a powerful tool for people, most specially the students, to access information and share it as well. One of the things that make the internet popular is that it let the people express their views, ideas, comments and even debate with the other people on the globe.

In line with this, blogging have been popular for both old and young adult. They found the right medium to their talkative and expressive mind. Most of the blogs today are owned by professionals like writers. But blogging can be beneficial with students too. It’s not just an online diary for their frustrations and hopes but also serves as an essential tool for their education.

5 Benefits of Blogging for Students
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I always believe that students should also have a space in the world wide web to share their work and well, reflect on the results of the writing they do. Blogging can be an online learning portfolio. Showcasing the best stuff of the students.

Below are the benefits of blogging for students:

1. A FORM OF REFLECTION – Blogging can help a student to reflect on the things he/she did for the day. Actually, it is not everyday that we actually reflect on things we have learned for the past few weeks, months. It is not sufficient that we just put the information inside out mind. What we need to do is take our time to reflect on what we have learned and how we are going to make it useful for us and to other people as well. If people find your blog really interesting and useful, they would try their best to connect with you. You can learn from the comments or feedback they put on your work. You can also gain piece of advice from other people.. Blogging is a two-way street.

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2. INCREASING THE LITERACY RATE WITH DIFFERENT MEDIUMS –  In blogging, students will find it easier to write and share their ideas. But blogging is not only about writing. If they are musically inclined, they can share their new mixed song or their singing talent through SoundCloud. If they do a nice slide presentation, they can share on SlideShare. A bunch of great photos can be shared through Flicker. As you can see, blogging offers different opportunities when it comes to sharing ideas.

3. THE VOICE OF THE STUDENTS – It is not necessarily that students should only write education stuff. Their blogs should also contain learning related. They can actually share the things they are passionate about, their dreams, how they work on certain things, their views on social issues and the way they handle their emotions.

4. A LEARNING ARCHIVE – You can always go back where you started. Blogging can help you see the progress you have made over the days, months or even years. You can look back and point out the mistakes you have made. What’s good good about blogging is that you can make proper adjustment and will help you to assess carefully the things you want to settle down.

5. A POSITIVE DIGITAL FOOTPRINT – Students’ blog can be a portfolio on their work. When they graduate, they can use their blog to show to their future employers about what they did and the things they learned over the years. Their blog is their reflection of their personality.

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Blogging is not a favorite thing for students but I think, they should create space for their reference in the future. Teachers should encourage students to this.

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