5 Landing Page Tests Must Be Performed By Every PPC Company

Good landing pages are not something that can be had overnight without much effort. In fact, it takes several rounds of testing, some of which works and some do not. These tests are generally done by a PPC company, who is hired by businesses to optimize their landing page.

Following are some tests that can be implemented to increase your landing page conversion rates and decrease your cost per acquisition.

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Test your headline and value proposition

Headlines are of utmost importance not just because this is the first thing that a user sees when visiting a site, but also because on average two out of ten people continue to read the lines after a headline. So, you see, the headline is a do-or-die situation. It should be such that compels a reader to read the rest of your write-up. Try to keep it short, simple and crisp.

Add reviews and testimonials

Having positive advertisements gives an impression of your legitimacy. Besides word-of-mouth marketing, there are testimonials, endorsements and reviews that can aid you in creating a social self of your business.

The testimonials of the landing page are way too weak and generic, creating an impression of disbelief. Generic quotes like “Good work”, “Thanks”, and “Fab”, with names beside them, appear anything but real. Instead of going for fake reviews, try to go for real testimonials by your original customers.

You should obviously place more importance on say a brand of food chain more than a mom n’ pop store. The reason behind this is that these people are the ones, people look up to. So, if one such person is saying something good about you, it is bound to positively affect your prospective customers.

Get Your Lead Capture Form Optimized

According to an expert PPC company in India, the lead generation or capture form can be one of the best ways of improving your conversion rate on your landing page. Make sure that the form is not long and tedious; instead,  it should ask only for the needful, like, only the name and not first and last one distinctly. You need not know about the person’s company now, you can do that later; ask for a contact number instead of home, work and mobile number separately, etc. This needs to be kept in mind because the longer the form, the lesser are the chances of conversion.

What if your form requires a good amount of information that you cannot avoid asking? Well, then let me introduce you to the ‘progress bar’. With this the form can be broken up into a few steps. The purpose of such a form is not to overwhelm the users with long, unending sea scrolls.

Put the landing page traffic into the isolation tank

Isolation is a common theme that you see with strong PPC landing pages. This way there are no links and nothing else that can distract the user from clicking and filling out the form.

This way of isolating the user is a great way to combat something that is known as the Zeigarnik Effect,  which occurs in the brain when it goes through a disagreement over unfinished tasks. You’ll remember these incomplete tasks better than ones you have completed.

So, when users have only one task on the site, it is easier for them to concentrate solely on that and finish the conversion. You should keep this in mind when you make your landing pages.

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Test the colour, size and shape of the buttons

The buttons of Apple, Amazon and Target are not like what they are without a reason. The colour, size and shape of buttons play a significant role in conversion psychology.

The button is the first thing in your site that you want to be clicked. Hence, it is necessary that you ensure that it is working in its best condition. The factors that you need to consider are:

Colour- The colour of the button needs to stick out from the rest of the site, so that the user does not miss it out.

Shape- Rounded corners are known to convert better than the sharp ones, simply because these are easier on the eyes.

Size- This has no fixed rule. You need to keep on changing it to find out which one works better.

If you find doing all these quite a task, you can hire a PPC company to the job for you.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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