Five Technology Issues That Are Slowing Your Business And What You Can Do

As any business owner knows, the 21st century is the century of technology. Without the power of technological advances, companies will slowly sink. These five technology issues could be hurting your business and what you can do about it:

Website Issues
Chances are, you have a website for your company that people can find more information on and buy products from. In today’s market, if the website is not working, you are losing out on business immediately. You must work to ensure that you have a safe and secure website where people are able to purchase products without experiencing issues with the pages. Slow loading times and broken links will likely send the customer away before you get a chance to communicate with them again.

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Old Timekeeping Systems
When employees have to spend an unnecessary amount of time simply clocking in and out of work, they are wasting minutes they could be spending on other important work tasks. Look into systems that allow employees to quickly swipe in on a computer, so they don’t have to take the time to fill out a form with a paper and pencil. Make sure that your timekeeping system on your computer is up to date so it can be done quickly. If employees need to view their hours often, take this into consideration when choosing a new system.

Jammed Copy Machine
If you are constantly walking into the copy room to find that the machine has broken down again, you definitely have a major problem. This holds everyone up, and it’s especially problematic in a place where teachers, for example, might be making copies for their students right before class. In some cases, the only fix is to get a new copy machine. However, you can also work to identify what is causes the crashes and advise employees against these actions.

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Disconnected Printers
In today’s society, most company computers do not have their own personal printers. This many printers would simply take up too much space that the business does not have. As a result, they are connected to a network computer. However, if the computer changes or undergoes some sort of work, it might be disconnected. At a large entity, getting a person to repair them might take awhile, so be sure to call the tech department now.

Crashing Computers
Every business owner can imagine how awful it would be if a computer that held a lot of important information suddenly crashed. Working with a company like Network Security Raleigh can help you to review whether or not your computer is sound and keep everything working as it should be. It can be hard to see the small problems that can cause a major inconvenience. You need take the necessary steps to prevent it from crashing before it happens.

These technology issues can seriously stifle your business, so be sure to address the problems now, before you loose more customers.

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