Steps For Protecting Your Smartphone Data

We keep a lot of important information on our phones. Gone are the days when we used our cell phones strictly for communication; in this modern age, our smartphones are now mobile computers. And that means we rely on them more and more for a range of different tasks that are interconnected with our lives, including banking, investing, storage of personal information, photography and videography, and more. Put simply, losing a phone now is a far greater deal than it used to be.

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Thankfully, there are options to help prevent such things from happening. A number of different apps and services are available for 2013 mobile phones, like those offered by T-Mobile, which can help you protect sensitive and important data in the event of a loss of theft. Taking advantage of these apps and services is easy, and the many benefits they provide make them an obvious choice for individuals who are concerned with data protection.

Steps For Protecting Your Smartphone Data
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Cloud-based Storage
Perhaps the easiest way to backup your phones is with one of the provided Cloud-based storage systems. Apple offers iCloud while Google offers cloud-based storage through Google Drive. Each is designed to be seamless and unobtrusive, working automatically unless you select otherwise.

Apple’s iCloud storage system offers each iPhone user 5GB of free storage space in the cloud. Additional storage space is available for a fee, should the user want it. The benefit of iCloud is that it does not require the user to manually back up data; rather, this task is completed automatically whenever the user is on a Wi-Fi network.

To install iCloud on your phone, simply go to: Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup. Once there, simply turn it on. When you navigate back to the iCloud page in your settings, you can select which apps you want backed up, and which you don’t.

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Google Drive
An increasingly popular storage system, Google Drive works for desktops, laptops, and all smartphones running Android software. Apple and Windows users can also access their Drive manually through an app or browser. Like Apple’s iCloud, Google’s Drive allows for backing up of sensitive data such as photos, apps, contact information and more. To backup your Android phone to Google Drive, simply go to: Settings > Backup and Reset. Once there, you can select “Backup my Data” and “Automatic Restore” to begin the backup process.

These days losing a phone means more than just losing phone numbers. It means losing memories, resources and other important materials. Protect your valuable information by backing up your smartphone data.

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