Today’s age is the age of Facebook, Twitter and blogs! Anyone who doesn’t know about any of these three is looked upon as a social misfit! It can be said that blogging has in a way taken over diary. Diaries were absolutely personal and were completely shut from the rest of the world. Blogging, on the other hand can be called an online diary, only difference being blogs can be accessed by anyone. People blog for a variety of reasons. Some do it to fight loneliness, others because of the sheer pleasure of writing while some of the serious people use blogging as a means of a social cause.

Whatever be the reason, if a person intends to write a blog on any substance, he or she should go about the right way. Below are the 7 fun tips on making a successful blogger:

7 Tips on Making a Successful Blogging Career
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1. Commitment
Writing is every writer’s passion as well as commitment. Blogging is nothing but writing electronically. Hence every blogger should have the faith and commitment in what he is doing. Blogging should not be looked as just a part of a leisure activity. If you want to be a successful blogger, you have to dedicate at least 4 hours a day to it.

2. Get advice
Get suggestions from fellow bloggers. A first-hand experience always comes handy. So know it from the horse’s mouth. Experienced bloggers will help you focus on your strengths and deal with your weaknesses. There are also professional bloggers who can be appointed for such a purpose.

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3. Give your best
Sometimes people are swayed over by getting a chance of publishing. They hurry to publish long posts with no substance. Avoid such things by targeting at publishing 600-900/1200 word posts rich in content and knowledge.

4. Be a guest blogger
The moment you come across an interesting blog, write as a guest blogger if you are permitted to. This way, you will increase the chances of visitors to like your posts. On one hand, you get to learn new things from someone’s blog and you can attract comments on your blog, on the other hand.

5. Publicize through blogs
Blogs can be conveniently used as a business strategy to earn profits. You can build up numerous sources of profits by blogging. Chances are higher if you can link up with Affiliate networks or Google Adsense, etc. But for business blogs, you need to employ the right SEOs. You have to use apt keywords which will help you catch the attention of maximum visitors.

6. Don’t be money crazy
Agreed that blogging is an effective way to promote a product. But the motive of a blogger should not be the only profit oriented. Then he/she will end up running after the money without producing any quality blogs. In fact, substantial or consistent blogging will help in marketing a lot more than you can think.

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7. Be tension free
Remember any form of creativity cannot take its form unless done in a natural, spontaneous and a tension free manner. Likewise, blogging should be a relaxing exercise. You have to breathe easy and then smooth without any obstruction or worry. Only then can you be a proper blogger. Refer to: for further details.

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